An Unexpected Boob Lift

I know a lot of you are in agreement about just how awesome Target is. Even more awesome, that wonderful thing known as Target Clearance. Oh yeah I’m a frequenter of Target end caps every time I’m in the store looking for a deal, most likely for something I didn’t need in the first place.

Target Humor DUH

Recently while perusing the kiddos clearance section for my minime, I spotted a cute sports bra. Yeah ok, it was a little girls sports bra but that crap happens when you loose a ton of weight – the boobies go with it. So yeah those L/XL girls sports bras really aren’t all that small.


While the gals fit, and the sizing was fine band wise I didn’t really take into consideration that the should straps are rather short since it was a little girls size. Which in turn lead to me having my nipples up to my nose all day. Seriously, I’d love a boob lift but this just wasn’t one I was thinking of.

I guess you win some Target finds, and you loose some. I also had another bra fail today when I ended up doing a Turbo Fire workout in a low impact type bra. Of course it didn’t dawn on me until I did a few jacks – and once I’m into my workout, I generally don’t stop until I’m done. Ouch.

What’s the weirdest thing you ever picked up from Target Clearance?
Ladies, what’s your favorite sports bra?

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