Hump Day Realizations

I’m still recovering. Not from a hardcore workout, but from natures whim in deciding that my children were going to have another winter break. Despite the fact that I’d just love my schedule to be automatically back on track – it’s far from my current reality. It’s hump day and I’m still trying to sort out the mess of work I need to catch up on and the mess that is my brain post winter storm.

Hump Day Funny |

Meaning it’s mid-week and I’ve yet to feel like I’ve accomplished anything of great importance thus far. Blah. Although my minivan was finally freed from my garage yesterday for the first time in over a week. Which means Momma went to Target! Exciting right? That’s right I’m clearly out of control now that my kids are back in school.

Today thankful for cousins who can knit! Im crafty but thay was never something i tackled. And yay! My minivan is free from the garage!! #fitfluential #enjoy

Fitness wise I was reviewing the past week and realizing that even though I’ve felt rather unaccomplished, my workouts had remained unaffected by this trend. Which DUH that’s because I workout at home and being trapped in the house didn’t effect my schedule in that sense at least. Of course there was the obvious challenge of finding that sweet spot of a time to workout in between on going nerf wars and tending to my children, but it got done!

I’ve been seeing my social media feeds filled with people whining that they couldn’t get to the gym so they couldn’t get their workouts done. I felt a little like this:

Mr Pink. and the Worlds Smallest Violin |

Playing the world’s smallest violin of course. I’m sorry you can’t make it to the gym, that doesn’t mean you can’t do something that benefits your health from home! But this is also coming from the girl that never steps foot into a gym.

That being said, it reminded me that my whole weight loss & fitness journey has been from home. Making what I have work for me. No excuses because of weather, time, family, or anything else for that matter. So even though my to-do list is feeling very much a letdown these past two weeks, I have been able to continually mark off the most awesome accomplishment anyway:

My continued good health and fitness.

What is something you’ve accomplished this week?
Workout: gym or at home?
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