My IT Band Is A Pain In My Knee, Literally

I’m feeling a little whiny this week. I really just want to workout but it’s not in the cards for me the last few days because I’ve been experiencing the dreaded ITB Syndrome.

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1. What is your IT Band?

The IT band is a tendon that runs from your hip down to your knee. It can become tight feeling or inflamed causing pain either at the hip, or at the knee. I’ve heard of a lot of people experieincg knee pain and not knowing that their actual knee may not be the issue.

2. How Does it become inflamed?

Typically from overuse: althletes, especially runners or any sport where there is repetitive movement. So say it’s even more common in women because of the way our hips turn. It can also come about from a muscle imbalance from muscles that support the tendon.

3. What can you do?

The first and foremost is rest as well as what’s known as RICE treatment: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. As well as implementing some myofascial release techniques like foam rolling and easy stretching. It’t not a muscle, so you can’t actually stretch the ITB band, but you can stretch the muscles around it that may be causing an imbalance like the gluteius medius.

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It’s one of those over use issues that a lot of people have probably dealt (or are dealing with) and don’t even know the cause. Pain can be felt in either the knee or the hip – but of course it’s just my luck that mines screaming at me from both ends currently. I’m not a runner, but that certainly yes I’m dealing with what can also be called “runner’s knee”.

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I’ve been taking more rest days than I’d really like to, but I realize that it’s something I need to address and I don’t want to injure myself seriously. When it first flared up the other week I could literally feel it snapping over my hip bone when I would walk and was hearing a crunching sound at the knee.


Between rest and finding a balance of exercises on days where I feel able, I’ve been icing a lot using my favorite hand ice pack for the knee. I like it because I can sit at my desk and work and it stays in place because of the strap. I also use it on my upper hip.

Have you ever had any IT Band issues?
Ever had any knee problems?
How long did they take to resolve?

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