Living Life Unapologetically

Some days I feel I should make a formal apology to my blog readers. Something along the lines of:

I’m so sorry I haven’t had many fitness posts lately.

I even moreso feel like this at times when I’m scrolling back over my instagram feed and responding to comments, etc. A sudden “fear” sets in, of “oh no – there are too many photos of shit I’ve been baking” or just random aspects of my life.

Yes, I have these weird conflicting feelings at times. I realize that if I were to categorize my blog, it falls into the Healthy Living / Fitness and Weight Loss area – but just like me, and my life, there is SO much more to it than that.

I took a minute to reflect earlier and realized that yes I have in fact have had fitness posts/updates on my instagram this week.

On Monday my workout was a little rough because my calves were as tight as they’ve ever been in my life. I did a short stint of easy cardio and felt good with getting off my ass a few minutes and accomplishing something active.

On Tuesday the tightness and soreness persisted, but I felt a little better and was able to accomplish a little longer workout – 45 mins of easy/moderate cardio. No sweaty selfie, or flexing photos needed, I just felt like updating when I was sitting down enjoying an apple.

Are these the most motivating and fabulous fitness photos you have ever crossed?! Of course friggin not, but it’s my life. My kids, working on my health, and….


baking! Because somewhere in the last few years, I’ve also found that is also something I love doing. All butter, all sugar, all love. I do lots of healthified recipes and baking – but I also do the notsogoodforyou kind. Balance – and again – not sorry.

Living Life Unapologetically | #fitfluential #quote

If you’re the type of person who takes on too much, worries too much about what others think, or can be too hard on yourself: I challenge you to take back an apology. Do it. It’s freeing.


Do you ever find yourself feeling like apologizing when you shouldn’t?
What’s your favorite kind of cookie?

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