A Weird Week of Readjusting

It’s been a strange week around here for me. My family and I have been trying to readjust our schedules to le hubs new work schedule as well as trying to adjust ourselves to preteen emotions. I’m not entirely sure I will actually ever fully adjust to said preteen moodiness, I shudder at the thought of full blown teen moodiness.

Raising Teens, Ouch | fridaylovesong.net


Work wise I’ve felt pretty unproductive this week, of course that also probably has a lot to do with my Type A personality. I’m actually working in the background on revamping the site and it’s a very large undertaking considering the amount of things I have to weed through.

And despite how much of an overloaded crazy person I’ve felt like these past few weeks, I went to bed last night pretty positive because I had Friday on the brain. I figured the weekend was on it’s way and I was going to give myself a little time to relax (er try to anyway). That was all rather dashed this morning when my phone which I use for my alarm clock died during the middle of the night. DOH!

Thank god for an internal alarm clocks because I only woke up about 15 mins later than I had planned. The kids still made it to the bus and I made it back and enjoyed the following breakfast:

Breakfast Sammich |fridaylovesong.net

A yummy low carb bun (recipe coming soon) egg white sammich with a side of strawberries. These were actually the first batch of real good strawberries I’ve picked up at the grocery for the season. The last few have been meh I guess it was just too early for really tasty ones.

I also had a good workout today. I did a HIIT workout and lifted some of ze heavy shit. I felt great afterwards and I’m glad to say that my knee issues from last week seem to be slowly resolving.

And tonight? Well tonight I’m going to test out this baby I picked up the other day. I’m starting the Birthday celebration early – yep it’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’m already thinking about cake – and vodka obviously :D

Skinny Girl Cucumber Vodka | fridaylovesong.net

What’s on your agenda this weekend?
Ever tried any of the Skinny Girl drinks?

Homemade Soft Chewy Salted Pretzels

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When I make homemade pretzels it’s one of those times my kids think I able to weave some kind of mom magic. I’m not breaking it to them that once you go through the process once, it’s easier to repeat anytime after. I’ve been making up a batch every few weeks and they have been

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A Polar Bright Spot And A Housewife Fail

Ham and Egg Cups with Kale and Cherry Tomatoes. Low carb bread with greek yogurt cream cheese. | fridaylovesong.net

Yesterday I had to take an impromptu rest day because my knee was killing me. It feels slightly better today so I did some very light cardio for a few mins and a little stint of yoga. Everything around my left knee is twisted so damn tight this week that it’s killing me. Although I’ll

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Digging Deep With a Workout Pep Talk

Those workouts when you have to pep talk yourself to keep going, those are the workouts that make all the difference. | fridaylovesong.net #fitfluential #fitness #fitness #dedication

Sometimes a workout comes out of left field and kicks your ass very unexpectedly. I had one of those moments last week when I had a workout date with the oh so lovely piece of eye candy known as Bob Harper.

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