Low Fat, Low Sugar Pumpkin Bread

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My Fitness Realization

I had a fitness realization today. The past week or so I’ve been sticking mainly to cardio workouts. I love my TurboFire and Combat worksouts (AKA – punching and kicking shit)


I’ve also been short of time with the holidays and family birthday’s etc – I like that I can feel like I get a kick ass sweaty workout in within the time constraints of a busy day. While ideally I would also like to be lifting weights as well (AKA zeheavyshit) I’ve got some tweaks in a few places currently. I know that overuse will definitely inflame said tweaks and put me out of the workout game totally.

Heading into this week thus far, I’m still sticking with cardio based workouts, and the last two days I’ve finished off with a few minutes of PiYo. It was today when I realized that during that short PiYo workout that I was huffing and puffing – partially because I had just finished a short burst over heart pumping cardio, but also because I was being challenged.

PiYo is somewhat a challenge for me because I spent so long shirking actively stretching and resting my body during my weight loss journey. Trust me, this wasn’t on purpose one of those annoying “in hindsight” kinda deals. But it’s been something I’ve been struggling with this last year – finding that balance of: exercise, rest, and active rest.

If it doesnt challenge you, it doesnt change you | fridaylovesong.net #fitspo #inspiration

So this is my current challenge for myself. Work the shit outta that Piyo, and get better at it. Keep in mind that challenges aren’t always about loosing a certain number of pounds – it’s about addressing what’s standing in your way and taking it on. Big or small, currently I’ve decided that this is going to be mine.


What’s your current challenge?
Is it fitness related?
Go ahead and share away!

Living Delightfully Healthy With Sara Lee®


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Honesty and Fitness Motivation

I'm a lot cooler on the internet

While my blog has become a place where I share recipes, and sometimes reviews on products – it continually remains a very personal place for me. Because that makes total sense eh? I guess what I mean is that I strive to be as honest about my journey of loosing half of myself – I

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Healthy Eating Creamy Carrot Sweet Potato Soup

Creamy Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup | fridaylovesong.net #SimplyHealthy #CollectiveBias

It’s not always the easiest trying to adhere to healthy eating when the holidays roll around. Thanks to Sams Club and their Healthy Living Made Simple Magazine, it just got a little less complicated. The Healthy Living Made Simple App is essentially an e-mag filled with a little bit of everything ranging from: kids & baby,

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