Low Fat, Low Sugar Pumpkin Bread

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Mommy Jailbreak and Bad Books

I realized late this week that I had scheduled too much work for myself, let myself take on projects that I truly didn’t have time for, and have generally felt bogged down all week long. I had to make a decision for my own sanity and stress levels to take a step back and reevaluate my work load.

What the hell..... book abandoning some times isn't a bad thing

After cutting some work loose so to speak and giving myself some breathing room, I’m also letting go of a book that I started reading and took a weird turn that I suddenly wasn’t digging. I used to feel bad about deciding to read a book after I had invested time into it. I’ve since gotten over that. My time is limited and theres always so many things I want to read within my very limited free time – so why should I spend that precious time on something I’m not enjoying?! Moving on.

Since I’d been locked up all week, I decided to take the time yesterday to get my ass out of the house for a small amount of time while the kids where at school. While that usually just means running mommy like errands (exciting I know), it felt nice to at least get the heck out of the house for a little.

Mommy Time

I ended up at Trader Joe’s. So predictable – it’s either there or Target. But the nice thing about not having the kids with me is Momma also gets to venture into the wine shop. I also spent some time out of the house with my family that night at a library function that the kids enjoyed. Except my oldest, we kept loosing his interest to a book about bathrooms. What is it about preteen boys and toliets? I asked him if he at least learned to make sure he’s getting it into the pot, because we still haven’t mastered that 12 years later. Snarf.


What was your week life?
Do you ever tend of over schedule/extend yourself?
Are you currently reading anything?

Thoughts And Body Insecurities

Don't let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe In yourself. Do what you love. | frivolousness #quote

Something hit me the other day while I was cooling down after my workout. Nope, wasn’t gas. Somewhere amid my TurboFire workout, I think I had a realization, an epiphany, or these may just be really fancy ways of saying I think I had a good idea. It was decided (by myself) that I would

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Getting #FITwithASICS Gel Fit Sana Review

Asics Gel-Fit Sana Review | fridaylovesong.net #FItwithASICS #FItfluential #fitgear

I have a bit of a shoe obsession. But I’m not talking red bottoms here – you will catch me in athletic shoes 99% of the time, so when Asics provided me the chance to review their new Gel-Fit Sana I jumped at the chance. Aren’t they gorgeous???! Besides that, these aren’t a running shoe

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Unconditional Body Respect

To Achieve & Maintain successful weight loss -  you have to establish a mind / body connection. - Amanda @ fridaylovesong.net | #fitness #weightloss #fitspo #fitfluential fridaylovesong.net

“You want to stop feeling chained to the food you eat and the diets you adopt. You want to love your body now … not later.” When I read these words provided to me by the lovely Madelyn Moon from mindbodymusings.com – I instantly felt like they would resonate with some of my readers and

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