Eats & Exercise For The Day

Any morning that starts with an almost empty nut butter jar is a good one in my book. Even if it’s not a nut butter. This morning’s oats were enjoyed with the remnants of my delicious homemade sunflower seed butter, with the addition of bananas, almonds, and chocolate nonpareils.

Overnight oats in a jar

Because I don’t care what anyone says – sprinkles, especially rainbow sprinkles just taste better. I’m especially thankful for overnight oats on days when I know I’m going to be really busy, because I just grab them out of the fridge. And now I’m almost giggling at myself for typing that last sentence. Because when am I not busy?


Le hubs also likes to tell me all the time that I eat weird shit. While I disagree most of the time, I knew sitting down today with my lunch would be one of those times when he commented on it. My lunch bowl contained: egg whites, chicken boob, kale, and avocado topped with some nooch.

I’m working my way through PiYo – still enjoying it and feeling like I’m learning (and hopefully improving) on my strength and flexibility. After the workout was done, and all the bellies in the house were fed – I broke away from work and took the kids to the park for a little while.


It was good to get away from the desk for a little bit and exercise the kids as well. Is that weird? Is that almost like walking them like dogs? Who cares, those youngins need to burn off that energy too. I read a few pages of my current book: Anne Rice Cry to Heaven, and noshed on a Cinnamon Roll Quest Bar. Since it was warm outside which made my Quest Bar all gooey and just down right yummy.

You can grab your Quest Bars here and use the code “onaquest” to get free shipping on your order as well.


Are you reading anything currently?
Do people ever tell you that you eat strange things?
Do you like sprinkles?

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