The Bad, The Good, The Recipe Teasing

I have had the worst absolute day. It almost rivals this one I swear. But I won’t got into too many gory details. It’s too fresh in my memory.

But I will say that today my children were off from school, and it’s become overly apparent to me that they need a major deprogramming. My children are very techy type. We own way too many gaming systems, ipods, etc in this house. In the last few weeks they have increasingly been showing me that they can’t behave like well adjusted people when the technology is taken from them. They talk back, fight with each other, complain and moan about everything. I had enough of it. So starting tonight I took away not only games (we’ve tried this in the past) – but television as well. I can’t even say how long the ban will last ….

But it will be an interesting time around here. That’s for sure. Keep me in your prayers ;)

And speaking of technology, you’ll probably notice I’m MIA on instagram. Because my iPhone died. Yes. I’m screaming about it. Ugh.

But with bad, comes good

Right?! I’m trying to reinforce it with myself anyway – trying hard not to be a total downer. We did get a lovely package from our GNC buddies the other day. It’s the new Total Lean Apple Cinnamon Flavor.


one of the culprits. at least she’s a good recipe taste tester.

I’m already giving this baby a thumbs up. Plus I’ve already got a recipe to share. Once I get the recipe and photos in order that is. Look for that later in the week. I can say, it was a nice break from all my pumpkin shenanigans as of late. But don’t be too fooled. There’s more pumpkin recipes coming soon as well.

Also, my Facebook page could use some love guys. Go hit that like button purdy please?


I mean really, it’s not I’ve got a Quest Bar giveaway going on or anything. Oh wait, that’s right. I do.


So make sure to check that out on theΒ FacebookΒ page!

Other than that, I’m going to end my night with more torture – not being dealt to me by my children, or a broken phone, but now by the foam roller. Egads.

Which do you prefer? Apple or Pumpkin flavors in fall? How was your weekend?

Disclaimer: I received this product for review purposes. This does not affect the review and our my thoughts. All opinions are my own.

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7 Responses to The Bad, The Good, The Recipe Teasing

  1. I actually prefer apple flavors. I know, I’m like one of the 5% of bloggers who do. haha

    • Amanda says:

      hehe. I get so zombie-pumpkin that I kinda forget that apples and spice are fall and amazing together too. Might have to work on some more apple-y things in the kitchen!

  2. Oh honey! I hope this week shapes up to be a bit better for you! And good luck with the kiddos! I can only imagine how hard it is to deal with all that…I have like ZERO patience! What happened to your phone? You didn’t drop it in a can of pumpkin did you? ;)

    I like apples and all, but I LOVE my pumpkin! And my Quest bars…so just do me a solid and hand them over! ;)

    • Amanda says:

      Thanks lady! It was definitely a do-over day.

      Oh man, it’s funny you say that. Nope, no dropping here… BUT one time a couple years ago I did drop my iPhone into ice cream birthday cake and killed the speaker. HAHAHAHAAH. Only me.

      We need pumpkin Quest bars. Maybe next year they’ll make one for us. ;)

  3. I’d have to say I fall into the pumpkin category. Although apples flavors are so gosh darn good as well.

    My weekend was great. Laid back and quiet. Which sometimes is EXACTLY what a person needs.

    I too have been thinking about taking the “tech” out of my family life a bit. I think it could really do some good. Just not sure how long we will survive! ;)

    • Amanda says:

      What’s laid back? Bhahaah! I need one of those. Like, asap.

      I know I feel the same way! But my kids reallllly need some attitude adjustments and need to join the land of the living for awhile! Plus it’ll give me some time to evaluate how to go about adding it back in when it’s time.

  4. I would have to say I am an equal opportunity pumpkin and apple lover, although I have yet to really dive into either flavor yet this season!

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