A Cleaning Workout

I’ve been hurting the last few days physically so you may not have been hearing and or seeing as much about my workouts. Although I’m rather certain that at the intensity and level of scrubbing that has been going down in my house over the past few days counts as a workout. Yes, I’m going with that. So although I’ve been taking it a little easier on my workouts – the grime in the corner of my kitchen floor? I have in fact not been going easy on that.

I’m not sure what’s prompted the crazy sense of cleaning. I assure you I’m not pregnant though, so don’t bother asking that one. ;) Maybe it’s the impending new year making me want to start fresh and clean. Who knows.

This morning I woke up and made the kids pancakes, then treated myself to some long overdo hulkess pancakes for myself.

Those beauts are made lovely and green by the addition of blended spinach (which you don’t taste). The muck on top is delicious chia gel sunbutter syrup. Just some heavenly yummy fuel for the P90x cardio workout I did do, and more scrubbing on my kitchen and organizing my desk area.

My hair was super crazy today before I even did my workout. I need a haircut badly, but that might have to wait because my kids are are winter break right now. Do you hear a tiny screech in the background somewhere?! That may or may not be me screeching for help because this Momma is already for school to start back up. Teehee.

Even though my workouts haven’t been what I would like them to be the last couple days, I did have a kick ass one on Christmas day:


I did Turbo Fire 55 and le hubs hopped on the treadmill. His birthday was the other week and I got him a Polar too finally. People always ask about my Polar and the model. I have an FT60, I got le hubs an FT4. You can see one of the differences straight away in our stats here. Mine gives me the % of calories from fat burned, his displays calories based upon his personal stats (weight, age, etc.) I always suggest the FT4 as a super place to start with one.

Do you do any end or beginning of the year cleaning/purging?
Do you have a Polar? If so, which model?

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  1. I need you to clean my place – I am so NOT good at that! :) Those pancakes look amazing – so fluffy!!!!

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