A Fridge Full Of Veggies & I Scored

Over the weekend the family and I spent some time at my Dad’s house. The kids spent some time in the pool (ok more like all day) and I spent some time eating, watching said kid’s in the pool, and gladly taking any veggies from my Dad’s garden that he was handing over.

Yuh, huh. Dad has a fake bird. He also has fake snakes in his garden.

I got some yummy broccoli I roasted up, a bunch of yellow squash that I made squash “noodles” with, and a load of cucumbers. I prepped everything and it’s in my fridge right now ready to be consumed throughout the week.

I’ve been feeling really icky today. Just tired and run down feeling. I’m hoping it won’t carry into tomorrow and I will get some good rest tonight. But I wanted to share something exciting with you! I got this notification today:

I entered a recipe contest that GNC was holding. Annnnd I was picked as one of the winners! How amazing is that? And how awesome are those prizes?! Blessed. A happy ending to a crummy feeling day that’s for sure!

You can check out the recipe that won here: Whey Bananas Protein Bites.

And don’t forget to enter the NeoCell Sport Protein giveaway!

Do you have a garden? Or are you fortunate enough to know someone who does?

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