A Hiatus, Sort Of

Have you noticed that the posts have been rather scant of late? There’s a reason. Like I often do, I’ve found I’ve just taken on too much currently.

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A few months back I realized that the site needed a major overhaul, so I stuck that on my to-do list. I’ve been trying to work on things here and there while maintaining some sort of blogging presence and it’s just gotten to be too much.

I have great ideas for new post features!

but then why would I start those when the site needs to be redone

I have some awesome giveaways I want to do!

but it would really be nice to get those in line with the new revamped site

I have new recipes to post!

but why I am bothering if my formatting may change

You get the point. There’s so much I want to get done, and I’m wearing myself down trying to actually fit it all in. And I’ve been honest with you guys about wearing myself down physically, I now seem to be doing it emotionally – and I need to refocus.

So for now I’m taking a break (kinda) I’ll be working behind the scenes trying to pull this new site together – and you can certainly find me on all my social media channels which I’ll still be ‘around on’.

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