A Romantic Date With My Tax Guy

How was everyone’s love day? Mine was uh, weird. The husband and I spent ours getting our taxes done. Can you ever think of a more awesome way to spend your Valentines?! Oh well, it happened to be the one day my husband had off this week and obviously taxes gotta get done! At least we were entertainment for our tax man – he said he enjoyed doing our taxes because my income is a royalty based thing and it’s not something he sees very often. Hey, at least he happy we were there. Maybe I should have brought him some candy hearts while I was at it.

After that we stopped super quick at TJ MAXX and I picked up some new workout gear. Is it weird that I buy more exercise clothes than I do “regular” clothes? Maybe not because that is what the bulk of my day is spent in. I wake up in jammies, get the kids to school, change into workout gear – and then possibly change into regular clothes if I have to be somewhere – maybe. But I digress. After that we stopped and had a quick lunch. I ate some tilapia with rice and broccoli. It was good but super spicy, which is saying something because I like spice. We may have aruged about the fact that his french fries and ketchup didn’t account for an actual vegetable on his plate. I also discovered a sticker on my sleeve from where I had been trying on clothes in TJMAXX. I always seem to walk around with crap stuck to me, post its, stickers, god knows what else. See? Romance in the air!

After lunch we ran a few errands. One was to hit up Trader Joes real quick before we had to be home to get the kids off the bus. I had promised my younger two that I would get them more of these coconut strips they are loving next time I was near Trader Joes. The lady checking us out was very nice (like all TJ’s employess usually are) and she asked us, “so how is your Valentine’s going?”. Insert husband and I giving each other weird looks because obviously it was super romantical. I think she sensed the weirdness – she did a super fast 180 and told me she loved my glasses and wanted to know where I got them. Well played my friend.

In the morning I had also found that my children ate some skittles with breakfast, since it was Valentines and all. Only acceptable when I wasn’t looking – found the proof after they were on the bus. Sneaky boogers.

Am I being too whiney about Valentines? Eh – maybe it’s just because it was tax day. It wasn’t all terrible. My husband got me a card. He proudly told me he had to fight 7 other men practically that morning to get said card.

I made my husband this cute little mini album for Valentines. The kids even drew some art that I tucked into the pages. I used my mini album digital scrapbooking album available at scrapgirls.

I wore some pink in honor of the day – although pink is my favorite color, so it’s not out of the ordinary. Quick and easy makeup of the day using Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, Nars Angelika Blush, and Revlon Cherries In The Snow Lipstick.

What did you do on your Valentines? Love or hate the holiday?

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador