Born and raised military brat – so there were many places I called home. I grew up with one older brother and a fuzzy white dog. I love books, movies and music. Anything with Cusack in it is good enough for me. I love reading and watching anything fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, and some action. I love music and makeup, cooking but not the cleaning.

I’m a freelance graphic designer. I’ve got 3 kiddos, a husband, a house, and 2 chihuahuas. My life is nuts it seems most of the time. I’m not perfect, don’t claim to be. But you’ll figure that out if you stick around long enough. I drive a minivan. I have a baby gate blocking off my kitchen – not for my kids, but for my dogs who think they’re babies.

The Domain

I have had some sort of website/blog since around 1998 – does that make me old school? Let’s not talk about the beauty of those sites, ah yes. Blogging is something that seemed natural to me because well, everyone wants to hear me blather, right? Maybe not, but who cares! This domain is a gaggle of tidbits that encompass my life. I’m a mom, a makeup junkie, a graphic designer, the occasional crafter, a gal on a fitness journey. Trust me, you’ll read about any of those things on any given day.

What is fridaylovesong?

Music has always been a large part of my life. From playing it, to be a music lover. I can’t even remember when I choose this domain name – but at the time I was listening to The Cure I’m sure. But some of you may have already guessed that.

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador