Apple Pie Protein Granola Bars & NeoCell Sport Giveaway

The nice folks at NeoCell Sport contacted me recently and asked if I wanted to try out their whey protein. When has this gal ever been known to turn down trying a new protein?! Hm, most likely never. 😉

The addition of collagen to a protein powder was pretty interesting to me. As far as I know, there’s nothing else out there quite like this one the market currently. I’ll admit I used to take collagen pills for a short stint, but could never remember to keep them in my rotation long enough to know if it was something that I felt I benefited from. The way my nails have been lately, I’m kinda wishing I had stuck with them.

Nutritional Facts

What Makes NeoCell Sport Different?

Other than the addition of collagen, there are loads of other good for you vitamins packed in this formula including BCAA’s and glutamine. NeoCell Sport also doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients, fillers, artificial sweeteners, gluten, wheat, or lactose.

According to NeoCell the combination of all these vitamins plus protein helps to Refuel, Recover, Regenerate, and Replensish your system. You can read more about the “4 R’s” here. There is an interesting article you can read here as well.

Overall the taste is a very standard vanilla protein powder taste – but if I were to pick one protein over the other based on benefit as opposed to taste, I’d defnitely go with this since it’s loaded with such great stuff. I tested the vanilla, and noticed that when mixed it did turn a darker greyish color within a few minutes of mixing – it didn’t taste any different, just something I noticed. There must be something in it that alters the color once mixed with liquid. It is also available in Belgian Chocolate.

Various prices from different retailers online | @Amazon,, @iHerb.

Since vanilla protein is so versatile, I’ve been having fun mixing this up with different flavors as well making these Apple Pie Protein Granola bars. These are dense, chewy, and with a bit of crunch from added chopped almonds.

Apple Pie Protein Bars



  1. Pulse nuts and dried apples in food processor unto a rough chop. How small you'd like the "bits" of fruit and nuts in your bars are personal preference.
  2. Mix well with the rest of ingredients and spread out into a parchment lined (or sprayed) 8x8 baking dish.
  3. Bake at 350 for 32-35 mins until edges start to become brown and middle is set. Let cool. Cut into bars (I cut mine into 9) and store covered when completely cooled. I keep mine in the fridge but I'm sure they'd be fine for a day or two on the counter in a container.

The NeoCell Sport gang is being kind to you guys too! They’re offering one lucky winner a chance to try their unique collagen protein! Enter away and good luck.

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Disclaimer: I received this product for review purposes. I was not compensated monetarily for this post. All opinions are my own.

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