Awkward Moments For This Former Fat Girl

If you don’t follow me on instagram I feel the need to share some sweaty photos with you because I haven’t done that on here in awhile. Since I’ve been a little more free with my workout schedule as of late, Tuesday’s workout was pretty up in the air for me. I didn’t have anything planned, and was going to roll with whatever my body felt like doing that day. Dealing with some personal issues that morning and some agitation left me in the mood for punching shit.

Ok, by shit mean punching and kicking air really, because I workout at home and I got my Les Mills Combat on. It was what I really needed, a good stress reliever and always a kick ass workout. I’m not a heavy sweater, but man these workouts always get me. I also realized how dang sore my upper body was as soon as I started warming up. It’s been awhile since I’ve done these workouts consistantly and yesterday I just felt stronger – like there was more power behind those punches, even if I was punching air. 😉

After that sweatfest, I had to shower and throw myself together real quick to get to the Dr’s office for my annual OB checkup. Oh geez, ladies aren’t those just the highlight of our year eh? It was a little more stressful because my office had switched to a new system for records etc since I had last been there. While the nurse was checking me in and going over my record, she stated “no, this can’t be you – history of obesity? That’s a mistake”.

I assured her that it was accurate, and it was my record.

After which she looked me up and down. A little uncomfortable for me mind you (fat girl demons I suppose). But then she was just very sweet and congratulated me. It’s actually nothing new, I had lost the weight since I had been there last, but I guess this happens when you only see people once a year.

Insert sitting there in paper napkin waiting for my doctor to appear. She looks up my record by date of birth and starts going over my kids births with me. She was reading off my record and showing it to me at the same time when she gets to the portion about me weighing around 280 pounds. She pauses and says, “wait, we have the wrong record this isn’t yours”.

Again. Yes, yes it’s mine.

Insert looking up and down by my doctor and the medical student. And yes, I felt awkward again – but then she tells me that I don’t look like I’ve ever been overweight in my life. Probably one of the nicest things I’ve had someone say to me. Although I’m still not sure why I felt weird about being looked up and down. People aren’t doing it to be rude I know that – just still a little uncomfortable with it.

Also yesterday my daughter also called me “Flat Stanley“. But crap, that’s a whole nother post right there.


Would something like that make you uncomfortable?
Do you like kickboxing or mixed martial arts workouts?
What’s your fav workout that always gets a major sweat on?

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