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I Lost A Little Colour

Today is one of my dearest friends birthday. It would normally be a day of celebration, but I can’t help but feeling rather sad today. You see, she passed away unexpectedly a little over a month ago. So today I’m not going to say much really, but I do want to share with you a digital scrapbooking layout I made to honor her.

As some of you may know, besides blogging I am a graphic designer who has a large emphasis on creating digital scrapbooking products. This is how Valerie entered my life 8 years ago – I began working with her, so it seemed appropriate in my eyes to also honor her this way.  I’ve made hundreds of pages and layouts, but not one was ever this hard for me to complete. But I sucked it up because I wanted to share with her family just how much she meant to me and my family.


The post-it in the above layout I found randomly a few days after she passed. It was stuck to something she sent me.

It seems only appropriate to honor V in this medium since digital scrapbooking is what brought her into my life 8 years ago. From the very start she saw something in me that did not know I even possessed. She saw an artist. I will forever be grateful for her belief in me when I doubted myself. Not only in my art, but in life.

Besides being my mentor, she was my friend. She loved my family like her own, and they loved her right back.

We were alike in so many ways that it was often uncanny. Our colour of choice for clothing was black. We were both raised by military fathers, we both lived in Japan as children and always held a certain affinity for Japan. We liked the same food. Both potty mouths and smart asses …. I could go on and on. And although our likenesses could fill volumes; I could only hope to one day be as graceful, forgiving, creative, wise, and kind as Valerie.

No matter what tribulation I was faced with, V would always calmly remind me in her sweet voice, “It will always work out. Things will happen they way they are suppose to”.

And while I have many deeply personal memories to hold onto – just as precious to me are the the stupid silly moments we shared. Her laughing at me jumping on her bed, eating pizza, getting lost on a drive. The little doodads we would ship each other back and forth simply to say, “Hey this reminded me of you.” Or the txt messages she would send me trying to alert me to the position of my lost phone.

I will miss her every day. I will cherish every memory big, small, and every vibrant laugh I can still hear of hers echoing through my ears and my heart. My life lost a little color the day I lost her. Love you V.


PS: I also forgot to post this originally. I created this little diddy the day after or so I had learned of her passing. It was something she said once when asked what her ambition was in life. I always think her words will always remain more beautiful and powerful than my own.

Unapologetically Thankful

Normally here is where I would insert a small apology about the blog looking a tad bare the last week – except I’m actually not going to apologize. Oops.  Of course it was a holiday week, so I’ve been busy, and although I’ve been trying to remember to be more thankful in my life everyday – I still wanted to write a post about what I’ve been up to the last week and reflect on some of that thankfulness.


My daughter made me possibly the best Thanksgiving card ever. She also made other family members cards that she gave to them at our family Thanksgiving get together.


I scored some great Project Life scrapbooking finds for 50% off.


I had some alphabets to add to my family’s soup last night. Seriously the most exciting food find for me lately. My kiddos thought they were pretty swell too.

Some non documented happenings included: going to see catching fire (woot!), having some great workouts, eating some good food, and just living life. You may notice I was pretty mia from twitter and instagram too. And no, I’m not sorry for those either.

I felt the downtime was needed and much earned. Not that anyone missed me ;). And of course I’m still working on reminding myself to tbe thankful regardless of the season, or what holiday dictates what. With that I leave you with an old scrapbooking layout made with my Gratitude Collection.


How was your holiday? Do you find the need to remind yourself to be thankful every once in awhile too? What are you currently thankful for?

Thankfulness + Technology <3

Lately I have been trying to remind myself to be more thankful. Thankful for the big things in life of course, but thankful for the small everyday things as well. And if you think I’m joking about that, check out this note I wrote to myself a few months back:

I mean really, canned beans are a lifesaver right?!

I mean really, canned beans are a lifesaver right?!

Today I’m being thankful for technology. It’s no secret that we are pretty big nerds in my household. I’m a graphic designer and a lover of all gadgets and techy goodness. The husband is also a lover of gadgets and does side jobs for people in the way of fixing computers, replacing broken screens on phones, and of course he’s my own personal on call computer tech.

And my kids? Ok, they’re just as techy and nerdy as the larger counterparts in this house. See proof below of how I found my minime the other morning:

passed out with her kindle fire!

passed out with her kindle fire!

Other than just being a lover of gadgets, technology is also my livelihood. It has provided me a way to work from my home, doing something I love (creating things!) and being able to be a “stay at home mom” with my children. I work full time from home and have always felt blessed because of this.

See? A new digital scrapbooking layout I released today made with my new product. Technology baby.

A new scrapbooking layout I released today with my new product.

And then there’s this blog which has turned out to be such a surprise and a blessing for me in many ways. Like I’ve said in the past I use this as a place to be as honest as I possibly can about my day to day life and my ongoing fitness journey.

I have been able to connect with some amazing people because of this little place where I like to blab. Daily it blows my mind when I get an email, a message, a mention on instagram telling me that someone thinks I’m an inspiration. I am humbled that I get to reach more people to show them what can be accomplished when you change your lifestyle. And yes, all of this which has become such a huge part of my life is because of technology.

I get to interact with friends and family everyday that don’t live near me because of my iPhone, my tweets, my txt messages, facebook, etc. I’ve been especially grateful for this lately because my brother who lives in Italy now has been able to chat my Dad and I up with a free messaging APP on our phones – which is awesome sauce.

We live in such a fast paced technology driven society nowadays I think we sometimes forget to appreciate all of it and how it impacts our daily lives. So today, I’m reminding myself to be grateful for it. To be thankful for opportunities it’s brought my way, and the amazing people it let’s me get to connect with daily.

Do you have any type of daily gratitude journal/notes?
What technology are you grateful for and how has it impacted your life?

A Romantic Date With My Tax Guy

How was everyone’s love day? Mine was uh, weird. The husband and I spent ours getting our taxes done. Can you ever think of a more awesome way to spend your Valentines?! Oh well, it happened to be the one day my husband had off this week and obviously taxes gotta get done! At least we were entertainment for our tax man – he said he enjoyed doing our taxes because my income is a royalty based thing and it’s not something he sees very often. Hey, at least he happy we were there. Maybe I should have brought him some candy hearts while I was at it.

After that we stopped super quick at TJ MAXX and I picked up some new workout gear. Is it weird that I buy more exercise clothes than I do “regular” clothes? Maybe not because that is what the bulk of my day is spent in. I wake up in jammies, get the kids to school, change into workout gear – and then possibly change into regular clothes if I have to be somewhere – maybe. But I digress. After that we stopped and had a quick lunch. I ate some tilapia with rice and broccoli. It was good but super spicy, which is saying something because I like spice. We may have aruged about the fact that his french fries and ketchup didn’t account for an actual vegetable on his plate. I also discovered a sticker on my sleeve from where I had been trying on clothes in TJMAXX. I always seem to walk around with crap stuck to me, post its, stickers, god knows what else. See? Romance in the air!

After lunch we ran a few errands. One was to hit up Trader Joes real quick before we had to be home to get the kids off the bus. I had promised my younger two that I would get them more of these coconut strips they are loving next time I was near Trader Joes. The lady checking us out was very nice (like all TJ’s employess usually are) and she asked us, “so how is your Valentine’s going?”. Insert husband and I giving each other weird looks because obviously it was super romantical. I think she sensed the weirdness – she did a super fast 180 and told me she loved my glasses and wanted to know where I got them. Well played my friend.

In the morning I had also found that my children ate some skittles with breakfast, since it was Valentines and all. Only acceptable when I wasn’t looking – found the proof after they were on the bus. Sneaky boogers.

Am I being too whiney about Valentines? Eh – maybe it’s just because it was tax day. It wasn’t all terrible. My husband got me a card. He proudly told me he had to fight 7 other men practically that morning to get said card.

I made my husband this cute little mini album for Valentines. The kids even drew some art that I tucked into the pages. I used my mini album digital scrapbooking album available at scrapgirls.

I wore some pink in honor of the day – although pink is my favorite color, so it’s not out of the ordinary. Quick and easy makeup of the day using Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, Nars Angelika Blush, and Revlon Cherries In The Snow Lipstick.

What did you do on your Valentines? Love or hate the holiday?


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