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Living Life Unapologetically

Some days I feel I should make a formal apology to my blog readers. Something along the lines of:

I’m so sorry I haven’t had many fitness posts lately.

I even moreso feel like this at times when I’m scrolling back over my instagram feed and responding to comments, etc. A sudden “fear” sets in, of “oh no – there are too many photos of shit I’ve been baking” or just random aspects of my life.

Yes, I have these weird conflicting feelings at times. I realize that if I were to categorize my blog, it falls into the Healthy Living / Fitness and Weight Loss area – but just like me, and my life, there is SO much more to it than that.

I took a minute to reflect earlier and realized that yes I have in fact have had fitness posts/updates on my instagram this week.

On Monday my workout was a little rough because my calves were as tight as they’ve ever been in my life. I did a short stint of easy cardio and felt good with getting off my ass a few minutes and accomplishing something active.

On Tuesday the tightness and soreness persisted, but I felt a little better and was able to accomplish a little longer workout – 45 mins of easy/moderate cardio. No sweaty selfie, or flexing photos needed, I just felt like updating when I was sitting down enjoying an apple.

Are these the most motivating and fabulous fitness photos you have ever crossed?! Of course friggin not, but it’s my life. My kids, working on my health, and….


baking! Because somewhere in the last few years, I’ve also found that is also something I love doing. All butter, all sugar, all love. I do lots of healthified recipes and baking – but I also do the notsogoodforyou kind. Balance – and again – not sorry.

Living Life Unapologetically | #fitfluential #quote

If you’re the type of person who takes on too much, worries too much about what others think, or can be too hard on yourself: I challenge you to take back an apology. Do it. It’s freeing.


Do you ever find yourself feeling like apologizing when you shouldn’t?
What’s your favorite kind of cookie?

Les Mills Combat Core Attack Workout Review

Since I have been doing some PiYo reviews, I thought I would also share some reviews on some of my other favorite at home workouts. Insert Les Mills Combat. Ya know because I like kicking and punching shit! Even if that shit happens to be air in my own home.

Les Mills Combat Core Attack Workout Review | #beachbody #workout #core

And althought this particular workout is a core workout – don’t worry you’ll feel like punching someone or something at the end of it ;) . This Combat workout is short (about 18 mins) but intense. Generally you don’t need to spend a ton of time working your abs and core as long as you’re using proper form and working to muscle fatigue.

It’s broken down into about 4 sections. You go through each exercise within the section without a break, then complete the same movements a second time. Usually the second time around they will integrate a little more advanced options for those wanting to challenge themselves.

Les Mills Combat Review: Core Attack #abs #workout |

Section 1

  • Double leg lift
  • Alternating leg lift
  • Scissor Switch – which is an alternating leg lift at a faster pace.
  • Cross Crawl (AKA bicycle crunch)
  • Bridge
  • 2/2 tempo crunch (up two counts, down two counts)


Section 2

    • Hover
    • Hover / Salute
    • Alternating Leg Drop
    • V – Up / crunch combo (ouch)
    • Star pose lift (double arm and leg lift)

The V-Up crunch move is where the weight is incorporated in the 2nd round through. Dan (the leading trainer) uses a 20lb-er. Some of the modifiers and gals use 5lbs and alternatively, no weights. I generally use a 5-10lb, or somedays nothing. Honestly if you’re keeping engaged this combo move is so tough you really don’t need the weight. Unless you’re feeling particularly badass that day.

Les Mills Combat Core Attack 20 Bonus Workout Review | #beachbody #workout

Section 3

    • Mountain Climbers
    • Side Hover (AKA side plank)
    • Extended Arm and Leg Taps
    • Leg Lift Extensions – with the 2nd round going into arm and leg lifts together.

The last section focuses’ on working the glutes mainly. As well as what feels like a billion mountain climbers. Those suckers are slow and your muscles will be screaming by the end.


There are some great modification options. The three gals in the back show you different ways to modify each move. The gal all the way to right will always be showing you the moves on her knees, so feel free to watch her and take this option if this suits you better.

Thoughts Overall:

It’s a great core burning workout for sure! The first time I did this workout it really struck me that these are great trainers. Dan gives you awesome tips for proper form, so make sure you listen to what he’s dishin. For one, they don’t have you rest your hands behind your head when you do crunches – they talk about keep your fingers to your temples. What does this do? Well it will keep you from pulling on your neck, which is one of the things a lot of people whom are starting out do all wrong.

My kiddos two cents on this workout: My eldest said, “What?! That’s easy!” (as he was watching it). When he got down to try one of the moves, he took it back. Owned. My Minime’s take? Well all she had to say was, “Dude, he’s buff!”.


Have you tried Les Mills Combat? Or taken a Body Combat class?
How often do you incorporate abs/core work into your routine?
You can purchase Les Mills Combat Here.

Note: The above link is the full big daddy Les Mills Package. The base package does not include this particular workout. But if you’re looking to spend less money and get into the program, you can find the Base Les Mills Combat program here.

I am in no way affiliated with Beachbody. I was not compensated for this post.

Finding Fitness Accountability

After loosing 130 pounds, you can imagine that I get many questions from people whom are looking to change their lives and loose weight. That’s great! And I’m flattered that you think enough of me to bother asking for my input. While I can’t hold every single persons hand individually that reaches out to me (I’d like to if I could) – there will always be some questions and topics that just seem to be on repeat.

I’ve heard it again and again from people:

I’ve tried before and failed.
I need better accountability.

Here is where I get real with you and drop the hand holding.  You know what?

You are accountable for YOU! #fitness #motivation #fitfluential

Yes, there are plenty of workout programs out there that provide you with accountability tools. But these are just tools. You decide whether or not you’re going to take action.

You can’t blame anyone or anything else for your failures. Generally people that are repeat failures at something are also excuse makers. Sorry – but sometimes it sucks to hear the truth.

So here’s the deal. When you decide you want change but need that accountability to be successful – always remember you are in control. No one else is responsible for you or your behavior.


Do you have accountability issues?
What are some ways you keep yourself accountable?

PiYo: Lower Body Workout Review

In continuing my review series of the new Beachbody PiYo DVDS’s, the next workout on the list is called: “Define: Lower Body”. Technically, this is the first workout in the program since the Fundamentals is more of an instruction manual for the program.
PiYo Lower Body #workout Review and Overview | #piyo

Define: Lower Body (25 mins)

Get your sleekest and leanest legs ever as you lengthen and strengthen your entire lower body — from your glutes and hamstrings to your calves.

PiYo lower body #workout review | #piyo

Like all of Chalene’s workouts, you start with a dynamic warmup including a move called the “PiYo Cross”. And I’m not gonna lie, I felt like a doofus doing this move the first few times – oh yes, I laughed my way through it.

#PiYo: Define Lower Body #workout review |

After doing a few more of these workouts, I’m already better at keeping up with the warmup. It’s just one of those things that will eventually will become second nature once you get familiar with the workouts. So don’t feel bad if this leaves you feeling like a dumbass too ;)


Chalene taunts us a little by telling us that pretty much all warm ups will include tricep pushups. Yay – not. But she does say that she suggests everyone does them on your knees even if you can do them on your toes during the warmup to help warm up your shoulders.

The Movements

Some of the movements you’ll be going through are as follows: downdog, low lunges, warrior series, low lunges, and triangle. During the latter portions of the workout you will work on some balancing movements like half moon. The modifier uses a chair for balance and you can do the same as well if you need to. I think a lot of times a chair is a great option for people that don’t have great balance, but also great for people that aren’t so flexible.

#PiYo wotkout crouching. Lower Body workout |

The 3 point balance to crouching crow push up is probably the most difficult move of this workout. I myself and finding that I’m probably using my legs more than I should on this move, so I’m going to have to practice shifting more of my weight into my arms.

If you feel like this isn’t a movement you can do, no worries. Chalene mentions you should feel free to go to child’s pose any time you feel like you need it. And she also says: “No rules. Just feel better when you’re done”.

"No Rules. Just feel better when you're done." | #piyo #fitfluential
Obviously I liked that enough to throw together a little poster of it.


Jumped on the PiYo bandwagon yet?
Have you ever felt doofy doing a certain move during a workout?
You can purchase PiYo here.

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