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Thoughts And Body Insecurities

Something hit me the other day while I was cooling down after my workout. Nope, wasn’t gas. Somewhere amid my TurboFire workout, I think I had a realization, an epiphany, or these may just be really fancy ways of saying I think I had a good idea.

TurboFire always “clears the brain”

It was decided (by myself) that I would like to become a certified personal trainer. Yep! I’ve been asked by quite a few people if I’ve considered it, and honestly, no I have not. Not with an real validity anyway. I think it may have crossed my mind a few times but was wiped away as fast as it came on.

The whole purpose of this blog over time became hoping that someone (even if it was one person) could possibly take something from what I’ve learned along the way. So in that aspect I have the drive to genuinely want to help people, and show them that they can work towards great health no matter from where they are starting.

That left me wondering why I had sorta just swept the thought away so quickly. I didn’t have to delve too deep to realize it has been my own insecurities that may have been keeping me from this path from the start.

Don't let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe In yourself. Do what you love. | fridaylovesong.net #quote

I think my insecurities are rooted in the fact that: I do not and never will have a great fitness physique. Those gorgeously tanned, lubed up lean, and beautiful bodies that you see plastered in Fitness magazines and all over those so called “inspiring” fitspo pinterest pins.

I’m not sure people would look at me and equate me with a personal trainer. But then again, if you knew any part of my story – it may be a little different. I know that it is something I’m passionate and knowledgeable about. I know it’s something I’m always wanting to learn more about. I know that friends, strangers, and blog readers ask me questions non-stop regarding fitness and health – so in the not-so-eloquent words that I told my Father and Brother the other day: Why the fuck not??!


Spill it: What are some of your own insecurities.
Have they ever kept you from pursuing something you loved?

A Week Without Cardio

I said it. I’m not doing cardio this week. Despite that it was in the “current plan” or whatever, because sometimes our bodies have other plans laid out for us.

This is about the extent of cardio I’ll be getting in this week

Somewhere within the last week I hit some insane soreness/tightness in various places everywhere in my body. A lot of times I can go back mentally or even in my workout journal and strategically locate the culprit workout that did me in so to speak. But looking back currently it’s all a bit unclear to me. I don’t think this week it was one particular thing, although I did note a couple times to myself:

“Feeling run down”, “Sore”, “Tired”.

See the pattern here? And yep, I choose to write all this stuff down because it’s just as important to me of how great I may have felt after a workout or how shitty I may have felt. It’s also feeling a little redundant this January seeing as thought last January I was breaking out the so called Rest & Rejuvenate January.

So I’m into day 4 this week of low impact stretching, yoga, and rest days. I think I’m doing pretty well for myself, I am noticing that I am feeling better. Normally I would let myself do some low impact cardio, but I’m not even tempting myself with that at this point. After this week ends, I’ll assess how I feel and go from there.

This is something I really struggle with, my inherent need to plan, plan, plan fighting with my body whom may not be feeling so much whatever my brain had planned. But I will say that I’m feeling rather positive thus far. I’ve been enjoying my restorative workouts as much as I’ve been enjoying looking over a sneak peek at an exciting new workshop called Four Weeks To Body Freedom.

It’s a 4 week program that promotes and teaches all about “unconditional body respect” brought by Madelyn Moon of mindbodymusings.com.

Mind Body Freedom | #bodyfreedom #nomorediets

I’ll be talking more about it here in a few days! But I can say, if you have negative relationship with food at all, and are sick of diets – I’m telling you, don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this class.

Until then, the foam roller and I have another date tonight – and that thing always gets a little fresh with me, but I’m showing up anyhow.


What’s your week in workouts looked like?
Do you struggle with ‘diets’ and body image issues?

Spartan Race 2015 News & Giveaway

Despite my own resistance to New Years Resolutions, I’ve heard a few peeps mention things about Spartan Races for the 2015 season falling in line with their own resolutions. So good thing for you I’ve got some exciting lowdown about what’s to come for the Spartan Season 2015 and a giveaway, so read on!

2015 Spartan Race Season Pass | fridaylovsesong.net #ChallengeAccepted

If you’re a true Spartan, you’ll love the chance to snag the 2015 Season Pass option – which is valid for events within 1 year of purchase. You should definitely check out this option if you plan on doing more than one race this year!

Reebok Spartan Race Word Championship 2015 Lake Tahoe | fridaylovesong.net #ChallengeAccepted

This October the 2015 World Championship is being held in Scenic Lake Tahoe. In 2015 racers will be racing for the chance to win the largest annual total ever – to the sum of over $500,00 in cash prizes. Dude, really. So what do you say? #ChallengeAccepted?!

SpartanCruise But before aiming your sites on the Scenic Lake Tahoe this fall, how about joining your fellow Spartans for a cruise??! March 6-9, 2015 you’ll be taken on a cruise liner from the Port of Miami to Great Stirrup Cay, Bahama to tackle the Spartan Sprint. Oh and in case you missed it a 3 day cruise!

What a cool combo – a little relaxin and a little ass kicking!

The Reebok Spartan Clan is giving away an free race entry to one of my lucky readers! Enter with the widget below:

Spartan Race Entry Giveaway

Good luck! And if you’re anxious and want to go ahead and claim your races – you can save 10% off any race using the code below:


If you still look cute at the end of your workout, you didn't train hard enough. #challengeaccepted #spartanup

Last but not least, make sure to check out the Spartan Up! Podcast. It sounds really awesome because it’s not just about fitness, but interviews with authors, academics, CEOs, and more to provide listeners the tools that will help them shift their thinking and find success in all aspects of life.


Are there any races in your 2015 future?
Ever taken the Spartan Challenge?
Do you subscribe to any podcasts?

Disclaimer: I was contacted by the company to help promote this race season. I was not compensated in any manner. All opinions are my own.

New Year Improved You

I’ve never been a fan of the New Years Resolution – you can read all about those ranting and raving feelings in some past posts. But of course it’s the current hot topic in friends newsfeeds, tweets, etc. So it’s on the brain of most, including mine.

There are lots of quotes, pins, posters, and other shenanigans thrown in our faces this time of year telling us we can loose weight, we can look sexier, etc. You know, it’s media and marketings favorite time of the year to basically make us feel miserable about ourselves. I think one of my least favorite quotes that I’ve seen is this gem: New Year, New You!

New Year New You BS | fridaylovesong.net

My original thought when I see this popular quote is, “Well crap, what’s wrong with the old me??!”. Perhaps it’s just my own take on it but it seems this quote is possibly just another way of self shaming, and as a gal with some past fat girl demons, I try to stay away from anything that could lead my mind down that path. So instead let’s focus on improvement instead of self shaming shall we?

New Year IMPROVED You!! | fridaylovesong.net #loveyourself #fitfluential #fitspo

Because I promise there’s nothing wrong with you. Can we be better versions of ourselves? Always. While I’m over reaching for “perfection”, I can always keep in mind that so-called perfection doesn’t exist and keep on reaching for that next goal or accomplishment.

And speaking of constantly moving forward – this month I had that fitness realization about where I am currently and where I want to take myself in the next few months. I find making small goals and adjusting them for myself throughout the year is just more effective for me personally and how I choose to always challenge, and change myself.


How do you feel about resolutions?
Do you have any set for yourself in the New Year?
Any exciting New Year’s plans?

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