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Down For The Fitness Count

Currently, I’m down for the fitness count. While I really do hope that some people can find some bit of inspiration through my own weight loss and fitness story, I refuse to sugar coat how I got there and the physical and mental fortitude that it has taken me to stay this course.

I openly admit although I’ve had great success, the mental game is still throwing me at times – as I spoke about in my post The Hardest Workout I Never Had to do.

It’s been a rough month or so for me physically. From dealing with knee / IT Band issues from my newest ouch which is currently my back – yep going to have to take a few days off for this one now too!

While some of you may think it’s totally insane of me to be mildly obsessing over not being able to workout, some of you probably really get it. Once something becomes such a part of you and your routine no matter what it may be, it pretty much blows when it gets interrupted.

Especially when said thing is something you look forward to as a stress reliever and something that makes you feel accomplished and great. So while working out can’t be a high point on my agenda for the time being, I’m trying to come up with some other ways that I can still feel accomplished and de-stress some.

Sometimes You Have to Lose Your Way | #inspiration #quote #motivation

The above quote is something along the lines I stumbled upon the other day and jotted it down. Mind you don’t misinterpret this post, I don’t feel lost per say – I do know that I need to redirect my focus inwards and not outwards for a little.

And although I may currently be down for the fitness count, I’m certainly not out! I’ve just gotta learn to be a little better at accepting sometimes this body needs a serious break. But I also acknowledge that I am insanely better about being more flexible than I used to be even a year ago. Progress always made isn’t made in pounds. Go me.

When’s the last time you took a fitness break?
What prompted it?
How do you de-stress?

My IT Band Is A Pain In My Knee, Literally

I’m feeling a little whiny this week. I really just want to workout but it’s not in the cards for me the last few days because I’ve been experiencing the dreaded ITB Syndrome.

IT Band Syndrome and Knee \ Hip Pain |
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1. What is your IT Band?

The IT band is a tendon that runs from your hip down to your knee. It can become tight feeling or inflamed causing pain either at the hip, or at the knee. I’ve heard of a lot of people experiencing knee pain and not knowing that their actual knee may not be the issue.

2. How Does it become inflamed?

Typically from overuse: althletes, especially runners or any sport where there is repetitive movement. So say it’s even more common in women because of the way our hips turn. It can also come about from a muscle imbalance from muscles that support the tendon.

3. What can you do?

The first and foremost is rest as well as what’s known as RICE treatment: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. As well as implementing some myofascial release techniques like foam rolling and easy stretching. It’t not a muscle, so you can’t actually stretch the ITB band, but you can stretch the muscles around it that may be causing an imbalance like the gluteius medius.

Go ahead, someone tell me why this woman is smiling |

It’s one of those overuse issues that a lot of people have probably dealt (or are dealing with) and don’t even know the cause. Since pain can be felt in either the knee or the hip – it would just be my luck that mines screaming at me from both ends currently. I’m not a runner, but that doesn’t count me out from what can also be commonly called “runner’s knee”.

3 Things to Know About Your IT Band and how it may be causing your knee pain | #fitness #health #injury

I’ve been taking more rest days than I’d really like to, but I realize that it’s something I need to address and I don’t want to injure myself seriously. When it first flared up the other week I could literally feel it snapping over my hip bone when I would walk and was hearing a crunching sound at the knee.


Between rest and finding a balance of exercises on days where I feel able, I’ve been icing a lot using my favorite hand ice pack for the knee. I like it because I can sit at my desk and work and it stays in place because of the strap. I also use it on my upper hip.

Have you ever had any IT Band issues?
Ever had any knee problems?
How long did they take to resolve?

Please read my disclaimer about any mentions of health and fitness related subject matter.

Digging Deep With a Workout Pep Talk

Sometimes a workout comes out of left field and kicks your ass very unexpectedly. I had one of those moments last week when I had a workout date with the oh so lovely piece of eye candy known as Bob Harper.

My Dad and Stepmom gifted me this workout series last Christmas (yeah I ask for fitness stuffs). Oddly it’s April and I still hand’t dug into them yet partly because I did misplace them for a little while so it was almost like second Christmas when I found them again. I digress…

I was really short of time on this particular day but still wanted to get a good workout in. There are certain “workout buddies” so to speak I look to when I am in need of a short but intense workout – Bob definitely counts as one of those buddies.

workouts that push us to dig deep to finish are the ones where we make great strides towards improving, health, strength, and personal willpower.

I ended up doing the warm up and WOD Cardio 1. When the workout began Bob said that the whole workout was going to be air squats and burpeess …. for 15 minutes. “Oh shit” passed my mind, but I also thought that with only two movements for an entire workout that I would end up getting bored.

Good god was I ever wrong. I was too busy dying to be bothered with being bored. Despite how far I’ve come in my fitness journey, I think this was a good reminder for me that there is always somewhere to go. We can always improve, and workouts like this that push us to dig deep to finish are the ones where we make great strides towards improving, health, strength, and personal willpower.

Those workouts when you have to pep talk yourself to keep going, those are the workouts that make all the difference. | #fitfluential #fitness #fitness #dedication

Ever give yourself a pep talk during a workout?
Do you like Bob Harper?

Today I Will Do What I Can

My workout today kicked my ass. Really, there’s just no other way to say it or put it politely. Yesterday was busy for me and my workout suffered by being really rushed. I was literally busting out my stretch right when my kids were walking in the front door from school. I figured today I would spent a little more time dedicated to a really good one and take my time with it.

Turbo Fire

TurboFire 60 was the ass kicking I decided on. It’s part of the advanced TurboFire DVD set, and I think I’ve only ever done this workout one other time. Because of that (and because I’m not feeling at 100% to start), I choose the new to class option which breaks down the choreography sequences before you go balls to the wall in regular Turbo Fashion.

I am a chronic migraine sufferer and today I awoke with the beginnings of one. I felt a little better later this morning but about 20 mins into my workout I felt it began to kick back up again. Even when I’m feeling at 100%, this is a hard workout. So I took my intensity down, I admit I stopped a few times for a couple seconds to grab a drink, but I didn’t quit. Despite the fact that I could have or even wanted to stop at some points, my will today to complete this workout far outweighed the feeling of wanting to quit.

TurboFire FIRE 60 | #fitness  and max performance improving | #fitness #fitfluential

I’m going to admit it, I’m proud of myself today. Instead of beating myself up over the fact (yes it happens) that I took a lot of things down a level, I didn’t quit and suddenly my own personal mantra I adopted at the beginning of my weight loss and fitness journey came back to me:

Today I Will Do What I Can | #fitfluential #mantra #fitness #fitspo

Today I will do what I can.

It’s funny – people often ask me how I didn’t get discouraged from the start when I couldn’t do things, or how I kept challenges from seeming so daunting. The above quote, repeated time and time again. And sometimes apparently my own damn advice is what I need to hear.

And guess what? No matter how far you have come, or how fit you are, we all have crappy days. We all have days where we don’t feel at our best and I truly believe how you address these days are just as important if not more important than those days where you feel like you can take on the world.

What’s your personal Mantra? (fitness related or not)
What’s a challenging workout for you?

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