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PiYo: Lower Body Workout Review

In continuing my review series of the new Beachbody PiYo DVDS’s, the next workout on the list is called: “Define: Lower Body”. Technically, this is the first workout in the program since the Fundamentals is more of an instruction manual for the program.
PiYo Lower Body #workout Review and Overview | #piyo

Define: Lower Body (25 mins)

Get your sleekest and leanest legs ever as you lengthen and strengthen your entire lower body — from your glutes and hamstrings to your calves.

PiYo lower body #workout review | #piyo

Like all of Chalene’s workouts, you start with a dynamic warmup including a move called the “PiYo Cross”. And I’m not gonna lie, I felt like a doofus doing this move the first few times – oh yes, I laughed my way through it.

#PiYo: Define Lower Body #workout review |

After doing a few more of these workouts, I’m already better at keeping up with the warmup. It’s just one of those things that will eventually will become second nature once you get familiar with the workouts. So don’t feel bad if this leaves you feeling like a dumbass too ;)


Chalene taunts us a little by telling us that pretty much all warm ups will include tricep pushups. Yay – not. But she does say that she suggests everyone does them on your knees even if you can do them on your toes during the warmup to help warm up your shoulders.

The Movements

Some of the movements you’ll be going through are as follows: downdog, low lunges, warrior series, low lunges, and triangle. During the latter portions of the workout you will work on some balancing movements like half moon. The modifier uses a chair for balance and you can do the same as well if you need to. I think a lot of times a chair is a great option for people that don’t have great balance, but also great for people that aren’t so flexible.

#PiYo wotkout crouching. Lower Body workout |

The 3 point balance to crouching crow push up is probably the most difficult move of this workout. I myself and finding that I’m probably using my legs more than I should on this move, so I’m going to have to practice shifting more of my weight into my arms.

If you feel like this isn’t a movement you can do, no worries. Chalene mentions you should feel free to go to child’s pose any time you feel like you need it. And she also says: “No rules. Just feel better when you’re done”.

"No Rules. Just feel better when you're done." | #piyo #fitfluential
Obviously I liked that enough to throw together a little poster of it.


Jumped on the PiYo bandwagon yet?
Have you ever felt doofy doing a certain move during a workout?
You can purchase PiYo here.

Reebok Spartan Race Giveaway + Discount Code

AROOOO! Hey race, mud, and fans of general awesomeness. I’ve got a great giveaway and coupon code for you today in anticipation of the upcoming Reebok Spartan Races.

If you aren’t familiar with the Spartan Races, they’ve been around globally since 2005 and have been voted #1 obstacle race by Outside Magazine. They also offer individuals and groups the chance to fund raise for various charitys.


Recently Spartan Race also partnered with Runner’s World Magazine.

Runner’sWorld, the largest and most influential media brand in the running space, has signed a partnership with Spartan Race™, the global leader in obstacle racing since 2005, that includes custom digital content, racer-focused benefits, training plans and event activations.
The collaboration between these two premier fitness brands kicked off in the July issue of Runner’s World magazine, which reaches over three million people monthly in print. Highlights of Runner’s World’s involvement in Spartan Race events include: Customized Spartan Race training plans designed by Runner’s World experts as well as exclusive stories and videos to be available only on; Runner’s World content on; and a Runner’s World presence at select Spartan Race events.

Midwestern peeps like myself will be glad to see that the Spartan Sprint, Super, and Beast races will be in Ohio for the first time ever October 4th!

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The awesome Spartan Team is also giving one reader the chance to win a free entry to any race of their choice for the 2014 season (any US State)! Aroooo! Enter below and #spartanup

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Now, as I’ve said many a times I am not a runner, and if I were ever to enter a race, it would certainly be something like this ;)

#spartanup A Spartan Race Entry Giveaway!! |


Are you a runner?
Have you ever run a Spartan Race or other obstacle course?

Disclaimer: I was contacted by the company to help promote this race season. I was not compensated in any manner. All opinions are my own.

PiYo: What is It + The Fundamentals Review

Did you catch it on instagram? My PiYo came today! Yeeehaw. I’m a self proclaimed Chalene Johnson fan girl over here, so it was quite the exciting little package to find in my mailbox today.  I’m hoping a review may be helpful to some of you out there. So here ya go!

For those of you whom haven’t heard of PiYo, let me break it down for you – in little smart looking blockquotes of course, because that’s how I roll.

What is PiYo? Chalene Johnson's New #workout stretch and strength |

PiYo is an 8 week BeachBody program with workouts that range from 25-40 mins long.

Carve an intensely defined physique-without jumps, without weights, and without joint strain. Using body weight, PiYos uses low-impact, high-intensity movements inspired by Pilates and yoga. The result? Long, lean, muscles, a high, firm booty, and tight, flat, sexy abs. PiYo will work every single muscle to stabilize, stretch, and strengthen every inch of a body. And since Chalene Johnson cranked up the speed and the fun, crazy calories will be burned too!

Pilates + Yoga = PiYo (get it?!)

Like most Beachbody DVD programs, this one comes with a “start here” sort of DVD which introduces you to the program. I know a lot of people get the urge to skip over these because they want to get to the nitty gritty – but really these intro DVD’s are massively important (no matter the program) to your results.

These intro/fundamental DVDs usually break down things like the following:

  • What the program is about & what to expect
  • Movements (common moves throughout)
  • Common verb-age used in the workouts – because it’s nice to know what the hell someones talking about right?
  • Proper alignment and form

What is PiYo and Fundamentals review #workout #fitfluential #beachbody |

Align: The Fundamentals (length: 40 mins)


“This workout breaks down the most important and effective moves in the program to help you perfect your form and get the best results possible.”

Chalene covers alignment and the difference between neutral and what she refers to as your “best posture”. Your “best posture” is your personal neutral posture perfected.

PiYo Fundamentals with #chalenejohnson #piyo #workout |
She also has folks show you examples of bad posture. The gal pictured above is the modifier for the workouts. Meaning if you ever feel like you can’t do a certain move within a workout etc, follow the modifier! Just don’t follow the examples of crap posture ;)

PiYo: What is It + The Fundamentals Review |

She also played with this dude. OK, she was really giving more tips for alignment, I just love how trainers can get away with fondling people. It amuses me. We can just stare at this guy a little more if you want.

There’s also some helpful tidbits about the difference between aligning and opening your hips. I find personally I have to be mindful of this because I naturally just want to open my hips in movements and have to actively remind myself when I need to be aligning.

PiYo: What is It + The Fundamentals Review |

If you’re at all familiar with yoga and or pilates you’ll notice some moves that have been renamed if you will. I believe the above move Chalene calls the PiYo Flip. I’m not a yogi by any means, but I’m pretty sure this is Rockstar pose. But since this program seems to be filled with dynamic movements, I’m guessing she’s calling it something different because you’re moving in and out of postures like this instead of holding them for extended amount of time.

Don’t let that scare you though if you’re looking at that and thinking: What. The. Hell. You can always switch to the modified movements.

Thoughts Overall

I’m pretty excited about the program. I’m not a total beginner to yoga and pilates, but it’s something I’d really like to get better at. And with all the aches and overuse injuries I’ve bestowed upon myself as of late, I think this program will be really good for me.

I also wanna say that it’s always refreshing to see Chalene’s quirk and good humor showing through even in the “intro” if you will. She made a butt joke, teehee.

PS: I’m finishing up this post the day after doing fundamentals and I have slight soreness in my core. It’s nuts, just from the fundamentals! I’m not overly sore, but I can feel something, which tells me I was being really mindful going through. Go me.


Are you going to try this workout?
Have you ever taken pilates or yoga classes?
You can purchase PiYo here.

I’ll be talking about the program more, and if you’re interested in more reviews of particular workouts, or just want to follow me through the program – make sure you subscribe via the form below!

Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure

I’m not going to lie. I have felt like complete and utter crap the last week or so. I’ve been having a really hard time emotionally and physically.  I have been having a hard time finding the pep to workout like I usually want to.  There have been days where I’m just feeling too exhausted to stand in place.

Which in turn just bums me out – because I really do want to workout! But I know I can’t push my body when and where it’s not willing to go.  I’ve been taking some more rest time for myself than I normally do because there’s just no way around it. I really need it. I just hope it’s nothing too serious and I start to feel better soon.

I’m trying to embrace this week or so of shitiness. But it also got me thinking about what other people may do when they are feeling the same way about being a in workout funk (or hell, just a plain ol’ ‘funk’ in general).

I’ve learned that a lot of people turn and look for inspiration. And on the interwebs? Well a lot of times that means …..


Which can be a great resource for all kinds of stuff. I loooove me some pinterest! But it can also leave you with some gems like:

“Diamonds are made under pressure”

or something like this:


or  how about even:

“Diamonds are a piece of coal that didn’t quit under pressure”

Which is all great and fantastic.  There is truth to those words. Literally and figuratively. And trust me, I’m all for some motivational words. But sometimes we need a little self-forgiveness. So I’m improving on that quote a little for ya today. Because after all, although I feel like a piece of dirt, or rock, or coal in this particular instance, doesn’t mean I actually am one.

Diamonds are NOT formed overnight | #fitquote #fitness #fitspo

All journeys take time. Physical ones, mental ones, whatever. We have good and bad days (and weeks as I’m experiencing). I’m just trying to damndest to accept it for what it is and allowing myself the time to heal – again physically and mentally.


Do you collect or turn to motivational quotes?
What’s your favorite place for inspiration?
What do you do to reboot when you’re in a funk

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