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3 Tips for Achieving Your Weight Loss & Fitness Goals

As many things that are constantly in the works on my blog, one of them is certainly a FAQ section. Although in the meantime if I were to accumulate all my frequently asked questions from readers, roll them all into one big ball and slap a label on it – the biggest question would definitely be:

“I want to loose weight (and or get fit) but I don’t know where to start.”

If I were going to break it down for you, these are certainly my biggest things to keep in mind when you are beginning.

3 need to know tips on how to loose weight and achieve your fitness goals. I'm sharing 3 things I think are important - and personally how implementing them helped me loose 130 pounds. #fitness #weightloss #fitspo |

1. Start Slow:

I’ve encountered it again and again, stories from people talking to me about how they have started a journey towards getting fit only to become frustrated and quit not long after beginning. A mistake I see a lot of people making is taking on too much at once. Start by making small changes and acknowledging that it’s a process and it will take time and effort. Focus on where you are in your journey as opposed to how far you have to go.

Focus on where you are in your current journey!! #fitness #fitspo #quote #fitfluential |

2. Record It:

Learning to write things down can have a bigger impact than you may realize. If you have a problem with over eating, start learning to record what you eat so you can hold yourself more accountable. Write down and schedule your workouts, but also keep a diary of how you felt during your workouts. Losing weight and or becoming fit is as much a mental obstacle as it is a physical one. You may be surprised about what you learn about yourself along the way.

3. Be Consistent:

Consistency is key! Your health and fitness are a product of your overall workouts and eating habits. Progresses towards great fitness, health, and or weight loss are made over time and being consistent is the way to get where you want. Don’t skip a workout just because you feel that you didn’t have enough time to devote to an extended workout on a particular day. Those small workouts and changes will add up to big results over time with dedication.

And just in case you think you made a little positive reinforcement some days, lucky you I made this free planner printable. Of course you could also just print it and stick it on the fridge or mirror too if you’re not a planner geek like me.

Free Filofax planner printable: A5, personal, and pocket variations included. #inspiration #quote #printable |

Do you record and write things down?
In your own journey have you ever felt that overwhelmed don’t know where to start feeling?

The Best Birthday Gift: My Health

I turned 33 the other day. That statement actually took a little more work in my brain than you can imagine. My Dad took me out to lunch last week and asked me, “You are turning 33 aren’t you?”. Then man totally had me second guessing the age I was indeed turning. By the magic of math, we did indeed figure that 33 was the number in question.

Turning 30 - Who Gives a shit??! |

I’m not quite sure at what stage I officially forgot how old I was, but let’s face it – I have 3 kids, 2 dogs, and a husband’s birthdays to keep track of, make cakes, and buy presents for – so my own is usually placed on the backburner. Sorry husband that yours was listed after the dogs.

My day of birth this year was pretty uneventful. It felt weird to make my own cake, so instead I opted for an Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen. It was so butt ugly I don’t even dare share a photo with you – but she had a good personality (she tasted good) even if she wasn’t pretty to look at.

White Polar A300 Band |

What I did do was hang out with my family, take the day off from working out, and sport my new white band to my Polar that le hubs got me as a gift. My new Polar also urged me to eat some cake which I thought was pretty cool.

Turning another year older did remind me of a personal goal I had for myself a few years back. I had made the decision that I did not want to head into my 30’s overweight and unhealthy. And well wouldn’t you know it by the turn my 30th Birthday came around after dedication and hard work, I wasn’t.

Some thoughts about turning 30something and my fitness journey along the way |

Now a few years down the road I’m definitely the fittest I’ve been in my entire life – which means I’m more likely to spend a lot more birthdays on this earth than I would’ve if I’d never turned my act around. That means plenty of more uneventful birthdays of my own, but also many more birthday’s to be spent with my children and that my friends is the best birthday gift ever!

Do you have a cake tradition on your birthday?
What’s your favorite way to spend your own birthday?

Why I Won’t Watch My 600 Pound Life

I was watching a show recently about a man who weighed over 600 pounds. That’s not surprising seeing how there is a whole series called My 600 lb life and what seems like a whole slew of shows that follow the stories of the morbidly obese.

Why I Won't Watch "My 600 Pound Life" | #fitness #health

What caught my attention about this particular mans story wasn’t that he was obviously in dire need of a change – my interest in his particular story came because not only did this man loose a shit ton of weight (400 something pounds), but because he lost it through diet, lifestyle change and exercise.

I was touched by his particular journey despite being bombarded with these types of shows because he unlike so many, he decided not to resort to weight loss surgery. I felt a personal connection to this story because I myself also decided for my journey, that I would not turn to weight loss surgery for a slew of personal reasons.

After I watched part of the show, I went and googled him wondering about the rest of his story. I found out that he had since gained a couple hundred pounds back after he dealt with some drug addiction issues and again turned to food.

I was sad. Sad for him, but it also left me feeling icky for lack of a better word. Is it just me or is at the core of a lot of these really extreme cases – these people obviously have an ADDICTION problem. This man conquered his food addiction and seemingly replaced it with a drug addiction, then in turn again replaced the drugs with food.

Addiction is addiction whether it is to food, drugs, or something else.

Then my sadness just turned into irritation. Instead of throwing these people into weight loss surgery, how about getting to the root of their addiction problem. Why are they over eating? I wish these shows would showcase them getting help in that regard instead of just focusing on throwing these people into surgery in a sense “forcing” them to loose weight.

Now THAT would really help these people. I figure it’s one of those craning your neck to see a wreck kinda instances – these people are obviously a hot mess, and it just makes for good television. The more I thought about it, the more I came to realize I wasn’t going to watch these types of shows any longer. I’m not going on some letter writing campaign and asking you not to watch either, it’s just something I’m choosing to not waste my precious minutes on.

Of course this is my opinion and you know what they say about those!


What do you think about these sort of shows?
Do you watch any on a regular basis?

Finding Fitness Accountability

After loosing 130 pounds, you can imagine that I get many questions from people whom are looking to change their lives and loose weight. That’s great! And I’m flattered that you think enough of me to bother asking for my input. While I can’t hold every single persons hand individually that reaches out to me (I’d like to if I could) – there will always be some questions and topics that just seem to be on repeat.

I’ve heard it again and again from people:

I’ve tried before and failed.
I need better accountability.

Here is where I get real with you and drop the hand holding.  You know what?

You are accountable for YOU! #fitness #motivation #fitfluential

Yes, there are plenty of workout programs out there that provide you with accountability tools. But these are just tools. You decide whether or not you’re going to take action.

You can’t blame anyone or anything else for your failures. Generally people that are repeat failures at something are also excuse makers. Sorry – but sometimes it sucks to hear the truth.

So here’s the deal. When you decide you want change but need that accountability to be successful – always remember you are in control. No one else is responsible for you or your behavior.


Do you have accountability issues?
What are some ways you keep yourself accountable?

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