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Why I Won’t Watch My 600 Pound Life

I was watching a show recently about a man who weighed over 600 pounds. That’s not surprising seeing how there is a whole series called My 600 lb life and what seems like a whole slew of shows that follow the stories of the morbidly obese.

Why I Won't Watch "My 600 Pound Life" | #fitness #health

What caught my attention about this particular mans story wasn’t that he was obviously in dire need of a change – my interest in his particular story came because not only did this man loose a shit ton of weight (400 something pounds), but because he lost it through diet, lifestyle change and exercise.

I was touched by his particular journey despite being bombarded with these types of shows because he unlike so many, he decided not to resort to weight loss surgery. I felt a personal connection to this story because I myself also decided for my journey, that I would not turn to weight loss surgery for a slew of personal reasons.

After I watched part of the show, I went and googled him wondering about the rest of his story. I found out that he had since gained a couple hundred pounds back after he dealt with some drug addiction issues and again turned to food.

I was sad. Sad for him, but it also left me feeling icky for lack of a better word. Is it just me or is at the core of a lot of these really extreme cases – these people obviously have an ADDICTION problem. This man conquered his food addiction and seemingly replaced it with a drug addiction, then in turn again replaced the drugs with food.

Addiction is addiction whether it is to food, drugs, or something else.

Then my sadness just turned into irritation. Instead of throwing these people into weight loss surgery, how about getting to the root of their addiction problem. Why are they over eating? I wish these shows would showcase them getting help in that regard instead of just focusing on throwing these people into surgery in a sense “forcing” them to loose weight.

Now THAT would really help these people. I figure it’s one of those craning your neck to see a wreck kinda instances – these people are obviously a hot mess, and it just makes for good television. The more I thought about it, the more I came to realize I wasn’t going to watch these types of shows any longer. I’m not going on some letter writing campaign and asking you not to watch either, it’s just something I’m choosing to not waste my precious minutes on.

Of course this is my opinion and you know what they say about those!


What do you think about these sort of shows?
Do you watch any on a regular basis?

Finding Fitness Accountability

After loosing 130 pounds, you can imagine that I get many questions from people whom are looking to change their lives and loose weight. That’s great! And I’m flattered that you think enough of me to bother asking for my input. While I can’t hold every single persons hand individually that reaches out to me (I’d like to if I could) – there will always be some questions and topics that just seem to be on repeat.

I’ve heard it again and again from people:

I’ve tried before and failed.
I need better accountability.

Here is where I get real with you and drop the hand holding.  You know what?

You are accountable for YOU! #fitness #motivation #fitfluential

Yes, there are plenty of workout programs out there that provide you with accountability tools. But these are just tools. You decide whether or not you’re going to take action.

You can’t blame anyone or anything else for your failures. Generally people that are repeat failures at something are also excuse makers. Sorry – but sometimes it sucks to hear the truth.

So here’s the deal. When you decide you want change but need that accountability to be successful – always remember you are in control. No one else is responsible for you or your behavior.


Do you have accountability issues?
What are some ways you keep yourself accountable?

The Best Part About Losing 130 Pounds

Is that an obvious statement? I’m not so sure. My answer may not be one you expect.

The best part about losing 130 pounds |

Yes, it’s nice to be “smaller”. It’s nice to be able to shop in the “regular” clothing area (not the ‘big girl’ area as I lovingly refer to it). It’s even nicer to be able to do things that my body could have never done before – because let’s face it, day to day life is just easier when you come in a smaller package.

High Impact Blogging

I recently had the pleasure of doing a podcast with Laura of Girls Gone Sporty – which got me really thinking about this. Especially since she asked me what I considered to be my greatest achievement.

I’m not going to lie. Loosing a whole person basically, is a great achievement. But would I consider it my greatest achievement? No. Not in a million years, because I am more than my pants size.

What I consider to be my greatest achievement is my family.

More specifically the effect that my own weight loss and fitness transformation has had on my family. I’ve said it a million times over the past few years, but our children mirror us more than we know. I’m proud to be a better example of health for my kiddos. And my minime? Well, she just made my day recently. She was punching, kicking, and dancing her way around the kitchen. Turns out she was working on making up her own Turbo Fire routine. Pretty darn cute.

Insert majorly proud Momma moment. So yes, while there are a lot of positives to losing so much weight – knowing my children will grow to know the importance of phyicsal activity and healthier eating habits? That’s the proudest moment I could ever hope to achieve.


And you know what? I know I’ll even be around longer to enjoy watching those kiddos. Also, above is why I refer to her as my “minime” in case you’ve wondered. Well that, and she packs a whole bunch of sass. Where’d that come from?!


What is your proudest moment?
Do you give your kiddos nicknames?

Awkward Moments For This Former Fat Girl

If you don’t follow me on instagram I feel the need to share some sweaty photos with you because I haven’t done that on here in awhile. Since I’ve been a little more free with my workout schedule as of late, Tuesday’s workout was pretty up in the air for me. I didn’t have anything planned, and was going to roll with whatever my body felt like doing that day. Dealing with some personal issues that morning and some agitation left me in the mood for punching shit.

Ok, by shit mean punching and kicking air really, because I workout at home and I got my Les Mills Combat on. It was what I really needed, a good stress reliever and always a kick ass workout. I’m not a heavy sweater, but man these workouts always get me. I also realized how dang sore my upper body was as soon as I started warming up. It’s been awhile since I’ve done these workouts consistantly and yesterday I just felt stronger – like there was more power behind those punches, even if I was punching air. ;)

After that sweatfest, I had to shower and throw myself together real quick to get to the Dr’s office for my annual OB checkup. Oh geez, ladies aren’t those just the highlight of our year eh? It was a little more stressful because my office had switched to a new system for records etc since I had last been there. While the nurse was checking me in and going over my record, she stated “no, this can’t be you – history of obesity? That’s a mistake”.

I assured her that it was accurate, and it was my record.

After which she looked me up and down. A little uncomfortable for me mind you (fat girl demons I suppose). But then she was just very sweet and congratulated me. It’s actually nothing new, I had lost the weight since I had been there last, but I guess this happens when you only see people once a year.

Insert sitting there in paper napkin waiting for my doctor to appear. She looks up my record by date of birth and starts going over my kids births with me. She was reading off my record and showing it to me at the same time when she gets to the portion about me weighing around 280 pounds. She pauses and says, “wait, we have the wrong record this isn’t yours”.

Again. Yes, yes it’s mine.

Insert looking up and down by my doctor and the medical student. And yes, I felt awkward again – but then she tells me that I don’t look like I’ve ever been overweight in my life. Probably one of the nicest things I’ve had someone say to me. Although I’m still not sure why I felt weird about being looked up and down. People aren’t doing it to be rude I know that – just still a little uncomfortable with it.

Also yesterday my daughter also called me “Flat Stanley“. But crap, that’s a whole nother post right there.


Would something like that make you uncomfortable?
Do you like kickboxing or mixed martial arts workouts?
What’s your fav workout that always gets a major sweat on?

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