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New Header + A New Outlook (kinda)

You likey the new header? It’s been something I’ve been meaning to get to. It’s actually taken longer in my head than actually executing the designing portion. You’ll notice I’ve dropped the tagline:  “Life. Food. Fitness. Design. Makeup. Mommyness.”

While yes, those are all things that are still part of my website and my life in general – I thought it was time for a change. Mainly because admit it, you may have been wondering “What the hell IS Friday Love Song” and even more so, how does that apply to this website?

As I explain in my crappy about section (seriously need to update that), this site has been around long before I would have ever considered myself a health & fitness blogger. This was a place where I just shot-the-shit and talked about whatever – at the time there was nary a health or workout related post in the bunch, but life changes eh?

So in case you haven’t met me. Sup. I’m Amanda. This is the ever-evolving story of my life. I’m a graphic designer. I’ve got 2 doggies, 3 kiddies, take way too many instagram photos. I like protein, the color pink, makeup, and punching and kicking shit.

Amanda @ fridaylovesong.net - Whatever the hell that means

I giggled that this photo was named “AmandaWinky”.

I also laugh at fart jokes, like to bake things, and encourage you to join me along this weirdness that is my life. Yes, that icon in my header is totally lunging and doing a bicep curl by the way. Did I mention I’m a multitasker?


Have you ever wondered about the site title?

PS: Ok, not a question, but saying “shoot the shit” made me go figure out where the saying came from: I found this amusing You’re welcome.

Congratulations You Have A Brain

I took an online quiz earlier today talking about which side of your brain ‘rules’. Right or Left. I was actually sort of surprised of my personal outcome. Brained Although I consider myself to be a creative type, my brain weighed equally. Of course, I blame that possibly on my slight tendency to be a little OCD. I say that somewhat jokingly because I’m not diagnosed or anything. I guess perhaps anal or uppity may be a better descriptive for myself. But that’s actually not what I wanted to talk about at all.

I may have seemingly “been absent” as of late. If you haven’t noticed – then just ignore that and carry on reading this… I’ve had a lot on my mind (both sides of it according to the above quiz results). I started talking about feeling worn down and generally hurt in January when I opened up about my personal rest + rejuvenate January.

But unfortunately January came and went, and I can’t say I was feeling that much better, or more positive for that matter. This past week marks the most amount of time I’ve taken off of working out since my fitness journey began a few years ago. A lot has been weighing on my mind about where to go from here. Things like:

  • What do I want my workouts to look like from now on?
  • Do I have any current personal fitness goals I would like to achieve?
  • Can I achieve those without putting my body through the ringer like I have in the past?
  • Why is finding this balance SO DAMN HARD?!

But with that negative, I believe there also came a little positive. I’ve come to some realizations over the past few months. Some about myself, and about how I want to live my life.

  • I am healthier than I have ever been. Despite feeling down lately, I am still a better version of myself.
  • I’ve come to realize that I need to address my workouts in the same fashion I have come to address my eating. 80/20 (meaning 80% of what I eat is healthy, the other, not so much). Applying this to my workouts will be a great step for me I think. Not every workout has be a calorie blaster. I do not have to workout everyday.
  • I workout now not only because I want to be healthy – but I enjoy it. I will take more time to do workouts that I genuinely enjoy.

I liked this quote. And although some days I may feel defeated – I know for me it’s just part of the process. I have never been really defeated along my journey. Because I would never let myself be. And this is just a new journey for me. A step along the way.

Also I’d normally insert the “what about you?” question here. But sometimes I don’t feel like I need a question. I’m just sharing with you where I’m at, and what I’ve been up to. Hope you’ve been well.

I Was Having A Fat Day Today + A Thigh Gap

There are a few things I could blog about today. But, I’m actually thinking I will save them for another day. I was having a fat day today. You know one of those crappy days where you just feel yourself thinking….

I feel fat.

I would chalk these up to my fat girl demons, but I dare someone to say they don’t have days when the feel like this. Say you don’t and I’ll call you a liar.

But I decided I wasn’t going to dwell on it today, I had too much to do. OK OK, but I did do a google search for something funny to share with you ;) After all I try to be honest and share my his and lows here. And really, there had to be a funny meme or crappiply photoshopped picture that I was destined to add to my pinterest board right?

I didn’t necessarily find what I was looking for, I was pleasantly surprised when I found this gem below. I was also really glad I could follow the image back to it’s original source.

©C. Mucha

source: here © C. Mucha

It’s actually a few “pages” of a comic by C. Mucha, and goes like this:

Fat is not a feeling.
Though it has a lot of emotional friends: Anxiety, sadness, fear, disappointment, doubt, [ and] embarrassment.
We monitor feelings to gauge whether things are… good, ok, [or] bad.
Feeling fat makes us believe something always must change.
“Fat” makes us distrust our own feelings.
“Fat” is a sensation, of monitoring how much space you occupy, then judging it.
We equate judgment with virtue. As long as we are monitoring our bodies, we are being “good”.
Truth: you will never feel better by believing the problem is that your body takes up too much space in this world. Never.
Your body isn’t going anywhere. Your body deserves to take up space.
Your body is a solid mass. “Fat” is a gas. A thought that will take up as much space as you give it.
Hate is not a magic wand that shrinks your thighs.
Buy mental real estate in other things. Don’t give empty lots of your brain over to noxious ideas.
Start by eliminating this phrase from your vocabulary: “I Feel Fat”.
Because fat is not a feeling.

Pretty awesome sauce right?  I think the entire thing is awesome, but the part about the thighs made me smile. And so does this:

Thigh Gap

source: pinterest

Suck it fat days! Oh did I mention today was a snow day (again!). Those can suck it too. But I’ll post about that another day.


Fess up. When’s the last time you had a “fat day”.

What do you do to combat them, or other negative self thoughts?

New Years Not So Resolutions

As I stated last year, I’m not really one to hop on heavily for the New Years Resolutions deal. Oh geez, between that not being an elf on the shelfer, does that make me seem like a grump?



Or perhaps a little squidward-esque? Yes, you better believe most things around this house are related to Spongebob. And yes, I have no problem being a Squidward.

I mean I think resolutions are great. It may be a little selfish, but I also can’t help but love the influx of great fitness goodies available at the stores at the beginning of the year! :D

I digress. I think resolutions can be life changing for people – if you stick with them. I mean come on people, lets look at the definition of resolution:


[rez-uh-loo-shuhn] noun

decision or determination; a resolve: to make a firm resolution to do something.

Pretty sure there is no mention of abandon all hope after 3 weeks if things aren’t going your way. I think people get lost on the resolve portion. Do people feel pressured into choosing a resolution just because it’s a new year? How about sticking with something you were working on last year? I mean crap, all your efforts from the past year aren’t instantly vaporized when the clock hits midnight right?


And as I’m typing this, its kinda dawning on me that I may have discovered my one little word for 2014. (Originally I had planned ‘boobies’ as my one word, but this works too.)


Whatever I want to work on, or want to improve for myself, my family, my health, or any aspect of my life – this year I resolve to keep going. Hey that was easy enough right? And no pressure there. A New Year’s resolution to be my best and keep going. That’s such a keeper I don’t even know if I’d ever have to choose a one little word again. Even if boobies is awful tempting.

I do have a fitness and workout related stuff to share with you guys in the next few days. There’s definitely going to be some resolve reiterated in that post for sure!

I also got an itch to create some printable cards for you. These happen to coordinate to my Year In Retrospect Collection. You can download them here at flsdesigns.com.

FLS Project Life Cards Printable | fridaylovesong.net

So how about you? Do you choose resolutions? Or do you pick one little word?

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