Computer Crashes & Confetti Cake

Yesterday was Mojito’s birthday. Mojito is my black and tan chihuahua if you haven’t met him yet. He thinks he’s my baby. I digress. It was his 3rd birthday and my family and I were celebrating accordingly, with a funfetti cake of course! Is it weird to make your dog a cake and let him eat it? Possibly. Last year he ate to much and threw up the lemony goodness we had prepared him. All things in moderation Mojito. He got a much smaller piece this year.

As my family was eating said celebratory cake, we hear a strange noise coming from the livingroom. The hubs gets up to go check it out. He reports back with, “Uh your desk is breaking”. Say what now? I walked in to see my desk on a crazy huge tilt. The only thing keeping the whole shebang from falling over was that the arm of my computer chair had caught it and was holding a lot of the weight. One of the supports holding my desk together snapped. Here is where a good blogger would insert a photo of the amusing broken desk – except it wasn’t so amusing to me last night.

Seriously, it could’ve been disastrous. Besides my two computer monitors and well my computer (my livelihood!) there are tons of bottles of ink. We we able to move everything before it all fell over though. We had to move the computer to the kitchen table because I’m so backed up I couldn’t miss a day without Bluebear (my computer). After my husband gets it all set up we can’t connect to the interwebs. Fail. I told him to leave it be and just focus on gluing the crap out of my computer desk. Living room = disaster, kitchen = disaster. He did glue the desk together, but he also gave it a cool pirate wooden leg. I keep peeking down at it and giggling today.

And last night was suppose to be catching up on Boardwalk Empire Night. Boo!

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