Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure

I’m not going to lie. I have felt like complete and utter crap the last week or so. I’ve been having a really hard time emotionally and physically.  I have been having a hard time finding the pep to workout like I usually want to.  There have been days where I’m just feeling too exhausted to stand in place.

Which in turn just bums me out – because I really do want to workout! But I know I can’t push my body when and where it’s not willing to go.  I’ve been taking some more rest time for myself than I normally do because there’s just no way around it. I really need it. I just hope it’s nothing too serious and I start to feel better soon.

I’m trying to embrace this week or so of shitiness. But it also got me thinking about what other people may do when they are feeling the same way about being a in workout funk (or hell, just a plain ol’ ‘funk’ in general).

I’ve learned that a lot of people turn and look for inspiration. And on the interwebs? Well a lot of times that means …..


Which can be a great resource for all kinds of stuff. I loooove me some pinterest! But it can also leave you with some gems like:

“Diamonds are made under pressure”

or something like this:


or  how about even:

“Diamonds are a piece of coal that didn’t quit under pressure”

Which is all great and fantastic.  There is truth to those words. Literally and figuratively. And trust me, I’m all for some motivational words. But sometimes we need a little self-forgiveness. So I’m improving on that quote a little for ya today. Because after all, although I feel like a piece of dirt, or rock, or coal in this particular instance, doesn’t mean I actually am one.

Diamonds are NOT formed overnight | #fitquote #fitness #fitspo

All journeys take time. Physical ones, mental ones, whatever. We have good and bad days (and weeks as I’m experiencing). I’m just trying to damndest to accept it for what it is and allowing myself the time to heal – again physically and mentally.


Do you collect or turn to motivational quotes?
What’s your favorite place for inspiration?
What do you do to reboot when you’re in a funk

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