Dirty Mirrors + Cinnamon Rollin’

My kids school schedule has been a bit in sane of the past week. School was canceled some, then pretty much the rest of the week it was delayed because of the snow and just down right frigid freaking temps around here. That’s left my mornings a bit wonky. Trying to get kids out the door at a different time, and trying to stay on top of work – so the weekend was a big welcome.

excuse the lint. long johns aren't suppose to be pretty right?

excuse the lint. long johns aren’t suppose to be pretty right?

Some marvelous was definitely found in the cuteness above at the breakfast table. She even brought me a sticker she colored in. I’m guessing it was a thank you for the sausage.  Or even better, it may have been a thank you for these beauties I made us on Saturday afternoon:

Cinnamon Rolls

And damn they were good. All sugar, butter, and just plain love. The kids enjoyed them, and me? Well I picked out the biggest sucker I could find and it was my lunch. Yep. All about finding balance friends! And although le hubs was at work when these came out of the oven, we were nice enough to save him some.


Now marvelous or not, I realized that I desperately need to clean the mirrors in my bedroom – as seen by the proof above. But there is a little bit of goodness reflected in these dirty mirrors anyhow. Proof that I managed to even make a little time to throw some makeup on Sunday. Ha! Take that. The fam and I also played a game of LOTR Monopoly. Which is obviously way cooler than regular Monopoly.

LOTR Monoply

I whopped em, just sayin.

It wasn’t a super productive weekend for me, and I’ve been dealing with my Raynaud’s flaring up all weekend – but such is life. I’m hoping at least those mirrors will get cleaned sometime this week … maybe.

I do know what will be getting done tomorrow – some preordering of the new Quest Nutrition’s Cookies N Cream flavor tomorrow. How about you?

FLS Cookie Monster

What was the best part of your weekend?
Has it been snowy or cold where you are?
Do you like Monopoly?

Hop on over and link your own marvelous over at Katie’s! Have a great start to your week, and don’t miss my Core Power Protein + Kit Fit still going on!

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