Elves On Shelves Seek Residence Elsewhere

We don’t do Elf on the Shelf in this house. I’m not against them by any means – although admittedly, I find them a little creepy.


I think I would be a horrible elf-on-a-shelfer. I bought a advent calender a few years ago, used it one year and felt like I made a mess of it. Some days I forgot to check the calender with the kids because of life. Then if I forgot, I would feel like a bad mom. Man, that’s a lot of pressure! Between the holidays and two family birthdays in the month of December; to add something like that isn’t in the cards for me.

Of course it’s silly to feel like a bad Mom. My kids aren’t going to think any less of me, or have a unsuccessful holiday based on the fact whether or not some damn elf shows up in my house and rolls around wasting my toilet paper.


just sayin.

Yes it’s cute. Yes I enjoy seeing other peoples photos of their elves, but I don’t think one will ever make an appearance in my house. Sometimes a good day in this house equates to that all my children make it out the door with pants on.

My younger two have been talking about their classroom elves, which had lead my daughter to create her own “elf” over the last few days. Her elf ended up being some random little Barbie-ish toy that she’s had for ages. The other day while wrapping presents I came across a little Christmas necklace and bracelet that I had bought a few weeks back for her. I decided I’d just leave it as a little surprise for her at the breakfast table with a note from her “elf”.


I imagine this elf sounds like a valley girl and says OMG, so sue me. It wasn’t a planned thing, so for the boys I pulled out some Lord Of the Rings bookmarks I had laying about and left them each a few bucks at their seats. This my folks, is about as Elf on the Shelf as you’ll ever get at my house. And that doesn’t make me a less successful mom or memory maker for my kids. I have my moments.

My kiddos may not have super Elf on the Shelf memories, but they will sure have “taking stupid selfie’s with Mom” memories – and that’s fine by me.

Do you ever feel guilty about not doing enough for your kids around the holidays?

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador