Finding The Time

If you missed it, please refer to my last post about being a little down for the fitness count. So I figured you’d love to know what I was up to otherwise. Eh eh?! Humor me and act like you’re interested.

When you’re trying to take it a little easier:

  • You find the time to start reading a book that has been on your to read list since it’s release in 2002. (Currently reading: Anne Rice ‘Blood and Gold’.)
  • You find the time to clean out your fridge (ok, I do this every other week), but I took the time to take a little photographic proof of my little bit of anal-retentive insanity.

Fridge Cleaning Yay |

  • You find a little more time to slap some makeup on. And then actually take the time to go get your haircut because you realize you need a trim badly.

A little time for Makeup | #katvond #tarte

  • You find the time to let yourself be creative. Something which is certainly part of who I am, and I’ve just been not exploring enough of.

Do. Focus. Soar. Writing things down and planning. Finding time to be a little creative | #upliftandinspire

  • You find the time to eat some ice cream. Ok, also something that isn’t out of the norm for me. But yes, taking time to relish in some treats is something I certainly believe in.

What have you found the time to do lately?
Anything out of the ordinary?
Did it involve ice cream? 😀

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