It gets easier

I’ve been battling migraines for a few years now. I have more than my insurance cares to cover – meaning I only get 9 pills a month which is a joke for me. Like most days my to do list last night was a mile long. I was looking forward to powering through some work when a migraine hit. I had to take a pill and throw myself into bed not long after my kids went to bed. And like always after a bad migraine filled night, I wake up feeling gross. Just tired and beat down. But alas, things to do! I took some medicine that wouldn’t knock me out, ate breakfast, cleaned, worked for a few mins and got moving for the day.

Sweatin’, kickin’ and punchin’ it out Turbo Style! No one ever said you’re suppose to be pretty afterwards.

Exercise wise I’ve been into my second round of Chalean Extreme. The last few weeks it seems like Sundays have turned out to be my “recovery” kinda day. That Lean 3 circuit just blasts my chest so bad I make myself do something that does not require any form of weights – so for me it’s been Turbo Jam.


I love Turbo Jam. And I find it awesome that I say that – only because I never thought I’d be doing it so much. The first time I ever attempted Turbo I thought, “dear god, I’m never going to be able to catch on to this”. If you’re not familiar with the program it’s a fun kickbox infused with a little dance. I am not a dancey person. For instance I’d never be able to Zumba – it’s not even something that remotely interests me. But I’m not someone who gives up so easily. After I’d do my “regular” workouts I would switch over and do the short intro workout included in the program. Over – and over. As a caught on slowly I moved up. So here I am now doing full workouts and loving them. Swear pouring down my face, and smiling about it. I love Chalenes energy. Did I mention you get to punch and kick?! Oh yeah, major stress reliever too.

On to the point – do not give up on something! No matter what exercise it may be, it takes practice. You will get better at it. Every time you do something you’re getting better, you’re making a good decision for your health. You will amaze yourself what you can accomplish as long as you don’t quit. You’ll look back and think, “Man this is easier!”. But guess what – it’s not any easier. You’re just better. Pat yourself on the back.

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