It’s Time To Get Extreme Baby!

If this title sounds familiar, chances are that you’ve done some Chalean Extreme. Ah yes, I can hear the music and Chalene saying that line already in my head.

Chalean Extreme |

I believe I first started doing Chalene Extreme around Jan/Feb of 2012 – and I can say, it’s still one of my most favorite workout programs ever. Other than being a self professed Chalene Johnson junky (Hey Chalene, call me! 😉 ) I have personally gained and learned a lot from this program.

What is Chalean Extreme?

Like most Beachbody programs, Chalean Extreme is a pretty well rounded program, but it’s emphasis lies in lifting weights. Before I started this program, most of my weights were smaller weights set in dynamic type movements. Meaning my use of weights was pretty much aimed at caloric burning and toning, not necessarily muscle building.

You go through 3 phases of the program called: Burn, Push, and Lean

Phase 1: BURN Start lifting weights to jump-start your metabolism.
Phase 2: PUSH Learn how to lift heavy to build the muscle and burn more fat.
Phase 3: LEAN Once you’ve built a foundation, Chalene brings it home with new routines and dynamic moves that melt the fat away.

The Workouts

In between 3 strength training workouts a week, there are also cardio, interval workouts, and ab routines. The interval workouts in this program are ass kickers! I’ve actually never followed the program by the book – but when it’s in my rotation, I make sure I do the 3 designated strength workouts during the week integrated with my other workouts.

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While the workouts are shorter in time frame (30-40) mins, don’t be fooled into thinking this isn’t hard work. I like that all the lifting reps are incorporated into a dynamic movement. IE: You might be doing a tricep kickback, but at the same time you will also be doing a lunge. So pretty much the entire time you are working, upper, lower and having to engage your core because of this. Pretty smart eh?

You can take a look at the printable workout sheet that lists all the exercises you’ll be doing to get a better sense of what I mean about working your entire body through each movement.


The program comes with a resistance band, and during the workouts there will always be someone using them – although I knew from the start that I would be using weights. Adjustable weights are really helpful here because in the end they are much more cost effective. I have Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells, and I love them.


My selecttechs were a 30th birthday gift. Probably one of the best presents I’ve ever received! If you don’t already own a lot of free weights, I think the investment is very well worth it.


Now, don’t be fooled into thinking that this program is just for women. There is always a guy in the workouts as well so get over your ego boys and don’t be judgemental just because a woman trainer will be leading you. Now would men ever do that?! Naw, of course not. 😉 Although jokingly my husband would call these my “lady workouts” when I began the program. He kinda stopped that after he did a few himself and realized they were in fact, not a cake walk.

I learned a lot doing this program. It taught me that even when sometimes I may have doubted myself, I was capable of doing hard workouts. Most importantly though, I learned that I love lifting weights!


Have you ever done this program?
Are you familiar with Chalene Johnson?
How do you incorporate strength training into your workout routine?

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