January 2014 Beauty Favorites

It’s been awhile since I did a beauty roundup on the blog. And by awhile I mean like a year and a half. Oops. But I do like sharing some goodies I’ve been into, so I will try to make it a point to do them a little more often.

January 2014 Beauty Favorites | fridaylovesong.net

This roundup there are lots of winter favorites seeing as it’s been polar vortex hell and all around here.

1. Sigma F82 Round Kabuki: Sigma brushes are always some of my favorite foundation brushes. I like the F82 for powder or mineral foundations, and I like the F80 flat top for liquid foundations.

2. MAC Fix +: If I’m using the above brush, you can bet I’ll be using it with some Fix +, especially with the weather being so cold and drying. I use Fix + to set my foundation, and I also use it when I’m using a pigment or mineral shadow to make the color bolder.

3. And the reason I’ve been using the above two products non-stop on makeup days is because I’ve fallen back into my Aromaleigh Mineral Foundation. I usually don’t use mineral foundations in warmer weather because I need something that stays put better. So the last few months I’ve been wearing my mineral foundations again – and when I do, the Fix + and the F82 combo are a must.

4. I was standing in line at WalFart one day getting ready to checkout and I spotted this Cake Batter Chapstick gem. Yep, it definitely smells just like the namesake. It’s been sitting on my desk nonstop since I got it. Good find. Although weirdly, I think it’s a limited edition product?


Gold liner with peachy eye | fridaylovesong.net

I’m also deciding to throw a random makeup look into these posts, or just generally something I’ve been digging. This month I’ve found myself more than a few times rockin an easy neutral all over with a gold liner. The gold liner is just a cheapy gel liner that I’ve for ages. I couldn’t even tell you where it came from! Hopefully in the future I’ll be a little better about remember what the actual colors were for inquiring minds 😉


5. My hands are always insanely dry during cold weather. A lot of times it feels like a loosing battle because with I’m always washing my hands which doesn’t help. I bought this Nubian Heritage Shea for my son who has eczema recently, and I’ve also been using it on my hands. I felt good about buying it for the kiddo (who is very sensitive) because of the minimal ingredients: Shea butter, tea tree oil, lemongrass oil and orange oil. It smells amazing! Great buy. I’ll definitely be reordering that once it’s gone.

6. Smelly-stuff wise I’ve been using my Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude pretty much non-stop. I like it. I do have smells that are heavier that I could wear seeing as it’s so cold, but this one is in between for me. I could still wear this as it warms up some and feel like I’m not suffocating someone with my perfume.

7. Essie “Tart Deco”icon was a welcome sight on my nails this month. I think the peachy loveliness is making me at least feel a little spring-ier. It’s a pretty opaque peachy cream color (seen above while I was reading some Percy Jackson!)


What are some of your beauty favs this month?
Does your skin get dry during the winter?
Have you seen or tried these limited edition chapsticks?

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