JAVAPRO Review + Mocha Espresso Protein Bites

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I find it pretty appropriate that as I’m typing up this post I’m sipping on some coffee at my desk. This is common practice in my house – on repeat several times a day. So yes, JAVAPRO had me at hello so to speak.

JavaPro Protein Review |


Simply put, JAVAPRO is a whey protein powder made with real coffee. Protein + Coffee = winning. I’ve been known to make my own protein coffee creamers, as well as put instant coffee in my protein shakes. Did I mention I like coffee? And Protein? Best. Idea. Ever.

The Stats

JAVAPRO is made my Nature’s Best, a company most well known for their Iso-Pure line of Protein Powders. The JAVAPRO line is note for:

  • 20g Whey Protein Complex
  • 80 mg Caffeine per serving made with real coffee
  • 110 Calories per serving

JavaPro Protein Nutrition |

I was sent the Mocha flavor to test, but it’s also available in the following flavors: Espresso, French Vanilla, Latte, Caramel, and Hazelnut.

Mocha Espresso Protein Bites |

Mocha Espresso Protein Bites



  1. Mix all your ingredients starting with 3 Tbsp of oats - and 1-2 Tbsp more as mixture needs.
  2. Roll into small balls and store in the fridge in a covered container.
  3. My recipe yielded 9 balls.
  4. You may add another Tbsp or water or Almond butter if they feel too dry. Not a perfect science here.


You can substitute oat flour, but I would start with 3 Tbsp. and go from there. Also remember that oats and or oat will will absorb moisture, so don't over add them or your balls will be dry after sitting.


You can substitute regular almond butter for the "Wild Friends" if you don't have it. Use only 1 scoop of protein and use a Tbsp more almond butter, a Tbsp more oats, and Tbsp more cocoa powder instead. You may also want to sweeten the mix if you choose this option. OR Instead of 2 scoops of JAVAPRO, use 1 and use 1 scoop of your choice of vanilla whey.

Mocha Espresso Protein Bites with JavaPro |

Be warned, these little bites have a kick. So if you’re not a strong coffee lover, you may consider reading the “substitutions” in the recipe for ideas to make it a little less “coffee-fied”.

Mocha Espresso Protein Bites |

But really, who’d wanna do that anyway? ;) These are a little sticky in the teeth because they are mainly protein (whey tends to be sticky) – but tasty and perhaps something tasty to wash them down afterwards may help. Oh I dunno, coffee maybe? Or is that overkill? Some days my answer may be “bring on the caffeine“.  Spring break is approaching after all.

Thoughts Overall

The only odd thing I found was that the serving size isn’t the normal 1 scoop, or even 2 scoops as some proteins tend to be. It is labeled as 1 1/2 scoops. A little strange, but just something I noticed.

The taste is phenomenal.  Besides the recipe above, my favorite way to ingest this delight is blended with a mix of almond milk, ice, and water. It reminds me of these coffee blended drinks my brother and I use to get from Baskin Robbins (that were terrible for us obviously). I suggest any coffee lover whom is looking to kick up their protein intake to give this a try.

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Are you a coffee drinker?
Have you tried this protein?
How do you take your coffee?


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