The Kind Of Mother I’ll Never Be

I have never claimed to be perfect. I am far from it. So this Mother’s Day, I figured I’d celebrate my in a bass-akwards way of my own. That’s right, let’s talk about the The Kind of Mother I’ll never be.

I will never be the kind of mother who:

  • Doesn’t loose her temper occasionally
  • Cuts her daughters bangs perfectly straight every time (sorry minime)
  • Gets dinner on the table on time every night.
  • Who has never had to ask herself: “this is granola? or dried boogers?”
  • Doesn’t tell her own kids “your mother jokes”. (seriously, ask le hubs)

I will never be the kind of mother who:

  • Can get the whites extra white no matter how much bleach I pour on those muthas.
  • Shows up to every single school meeting and or happening.
  • Always has a clean house.
  • Never feeds the kids cereal at breakfast because I don’t feel like cooking.
  • Never says anything inappropriate in front of her children (that crap happens sometimes)


But despite all that (and a lot more I’m sure) – I don’t think I’m all that bad.

I am the kind of mother who:

  • Loves her children unconditionally
  • Is able to work hard and provide all their needs (and some of their wants).
  • Who thinks that she’s done an OK job of them so far!

And I am certainly the kind of mother who feels like this on days I can manage to get work done, my kids fed, to games and or practice, homework done, dishes cleaned (mostly), workout done,  groceries bought, and lived to see another day. Boom.



How can you celebrate your Mom awesomeness?
Moms, can you relate?
Non-mommies: doing anything special for your Mother on Mother’s day?

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