Locked Out + Cookies And Cream Quest Bars

I had some errand running to do today. I must be losing my mind because I usually have a very set day that I run errands, and it’s certainly not Wednesday! I’m somewhat a creature of habit, but I believe the change in my schedule has to do with the fact that I’ve been working out less.

I was anticipating today being a day of running around, so I made sure I whipped up some overnight oats last night to have ready in the morning.

Ignore the beat up nails. Just stare into that oatporn.

They were happy. They contained: banana, drippy peanut butter, peanuts, and rainbow nonpareils. I have always adored nonpareils, and these mini ones with colored sprinkles just make me happy. I promise to cover my overnight oats soon here on the blog: how I make them, etc.

I stopped by my happy place today (aka Tar-jay) and it was a mad house. I found out as I delved into the isles that there was a mad rush on coke being that they were on sale. Watch out folks! After I picked up what I needed, I headed to my van to eat my lunch.

I munched on my roasted broccoli, kabocha (om nomnom), and turkey as I watched the people next to me shove about 25 cases of coke into their car. Not kidding. More power to you. Just makes me glad I stopped drinking it because 1: it did horrible things to my teeth and 2: saves me money!

I was proud of myself I got my errands done in time to get home to brew myself a cup of coffee, answer my emails for the day and get my kids off the bus. Or so I thought. I come into my garage and realize that the deadbolt (which we have a code on), well the battery has expired. You know, that same battery that I had been asking my husband to change for the past 3 weeks?! Yeah that one. The only key I had was to my van. Fail. So here I am out in the garage with a load of groceries on my steps and no way into my house.

Well, I eventually did get into my house. And I guess my husband could have figured that out by what I posted online.


this is what I call: #publichusbandshaming

And I don’t care what you say, social media saves marriages, because look what showed up at my house?

A box of Quest Cookies & Cream Bars. Oh and that shiney thing? I got that too. In the way of a new battery for my deadbolt. Well played le hubs. You survive this round.


Are you a soda drinker?
Do you like Target?
Have you had the new Quest Bar yet?

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