Moving Less & Why I Packed My Polar Away

If you’ve been following me at all, you would have picked up that I’ve had knee issues going on for what seems like forever. I’ve had a really hard time pulling back enough to let the thing heal completely. I go through these cycles of “ok, I’m going to take it easy for a few days” then I wake up and think “oh hey, it does feel a little better”. I think here’s where I make the mistake of doing a workout that I probably shouldn’t have attempted. A few days ago it hit me that I really needed to break this cycle – that for a week or two even if I think my knee feels ok, I need to pull back.

I recently got a polar heart rate monitor. Which I am completely in love with! It’s such a cool tool. When I got it, I did tell my husband that I did not want this new toy to be another way I was being too hard on myself. IE: thinking I didn’t work hard enough because one day my stats weren’t so great as the days before, etc. I bought it to help, not hinder my progress. I decided that while I was going to take it a little easier, that needed to included packing up the polar and putting it aside for a little bit.

After pondering that for a few days, I saw this post by Kasey @ powercakes. It’s an idea called #restweek. About taking a whole week of workouts off with no guilt. This portion of the post really stuck out at me:

We asked each other – what is one thing that totally makes you feel anxious? We found that if we were to be forced into a week off from working out – we had this anxious/constricted feeling as if we would be letting ourselves down.

Um, hello! That’s me. I’m not quite ready to not exercise for a week though. I feel better when I exercise, and I enjoy it. As for me, this just reinforced that a week or two of taking it a little easier on myself is something that I needed. Desperately.

So my kids were on Spring Break the last week – and they went to my dad’s house the other day. I was so excited to be able to get my workout in with any empty house and just get it done with a quiet house. I don’t know how I did it, but I there I go, I hurt my back. You ever pull something in your back and it’s that shock of pain that kinda knocks the wind out of you? Oh yeah like that. I’m not even quite sure how I hurt myself – but as I lay there in pain everything is just being reinforced. The universe was telling me taking it easier was no longer an option.

I spent the weekend enjoying some good eats, seeing a few movies, and I did workout everyday that I normally would BUT – I’ve been taking it easier. Doing lower impact workouts, not feeling like I have to get in 2 workouts on certain days, doing mainly stretching and yoga, etc. And above all reminding myself that I didn’t change my life overnight. It was and is a journey. I took this after workout selfie after a yoga workout. Was it my balls to the wall fast paced cardio that I love? No. But it was a good workout and my body is reaping the benefits.

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador