Workout With Your Kids

There are 3 short people that reside in my house that call me mom. It has always been a challenge for me from the start of my fitness journey juggling being a work at home mom with 3 kids around.  Yet I have always made it a priority to get my workouts in and not use my family as an excuse. Yes, my family is my priority – but I choose not to use them as an excuse. I still carve out time to be on my own and get my workouts in – but I have also been actively working on working out with my kids as well.

The other night I asked my daughter if she wanted to do a short yoga/stretch workout with me. She was happy to pick her mat out and go to town. We did a workout from the Chalean Extreme series. There’s a part where Chalene asks you to check + correct your posture by asking if you can see your “booty”. Of course she’s 5, so she gets a kick out of this. I asked her, “well can you see your booty?”. She replied, “no, but I can see yours”. Good times. Not the most wonderful picture – taken in low light with my husbands phone, yes my livingroom is obviously terribly messy, but that’s ok because these photos make me smile (and make me proud!) regardless. They reinforce all this hard work I’ve done has been worth it for me and my family.

My son asked me recently if he could do a yoga workout with me. Before I could get a chance to reply, my youngest (and sassiest) said, “It’s P90x day, not yoga day!”. Yep, they watch what you do. Let them see that exercise is important to you and they will most likely want to join in too.

It’s funny looking back for me at the start of my journey. If people know where I started as adults, they can obviously see the physical transformation. Since my children see me everyday, I’m pretty sure they actually have never realized I’m any different. As they get older they will probably stumble across older photos and realize there was a change. But for right now, all they know is that their mommy works out, and she likes it. To quote my son last night, “That’s Momma’s thing”. It is. And I hope as they continue to grow they will follow suite with good habits and be active teens and adults.

Here are some cool links on working out with your kids:

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