Setting Attainable Goals

Today I decided I’d preach to you about setting obtainable fitness and or weight loss goals for yourself. I think this is such an important aspect of losing and maintaining a healthy weight loss.

As someone who began their journey listed in the morbidly obese (at the beginning stages, but I was there!) category and now falls into a healthy weight range; I think it has been such a major contributing factor in my success. Slow and steady meant setting small goals here and there. When I began this journey I never once personally set a total weight loss goal. I never thought to myself: “I need to loose 100 pounds”. I mean it felt so daunting to even begin thinking like that! For Christ sakes I hadn’t even exercised on purpose since high school, so in my head it didn’t make sense to put that much pressure on myself.

Do not set yourself up for failure

I can’t stress how important this is. Do not began your journey by setting yourself up to fail. The biggest way you can avoid this is to set those small attainable goals. Think about it, what sounds more feasible “I want to loose 50 pounds” or “I want to loose 5 pounds” – the 5 of course! Loose that 5 pounds, great, then set another small goal of another 5. Small increments add up. By setting smaller goals you are also less likely to get discouraged with your progress. Think small. In the end you will win big.

Reward your efforts

Designate a “workout jar” for yourself. Each time you get a workout in put a dollar in your jar. When you meet a goal, take the money out and spend it on something for yourself. Make that jar work both ways though, if you had planned a workout and didn’t get it done, pull a dollar out. Click below to download some labels to start your own workout jar! A little less mouthy version if you wish also provided (both with a few various color choices).

click for printable click for printable download

And in case you were unaware how to tape a piece of paper to a jar, here is a physical representation for your viewing pleasure. My husband proclaimed this should be his jar because he wants to start one, then objected at the site of change in the bottom of it.

All goals are not numbers on a scale

Remember that health is not a number on scale. You are not defined by that number. This is why I do not and refuse personally to have an “ultimate weight goal”. I still continue to set goals for myself. It may be aiming to do another rep, to be able to run a little further, to hold that plank a little longer. Also remember to incorporate healthy eating goals as well. Set a goal to cut out one more soda this week than the last. Does that sound like something major? No, it’s not but like I said these little things add up!

I have heard time and time again that people start off strong and give up because they didn’t meet a goal they had in mind, so in the end they revert back to where they were. Realize that this is a process. You will have “off” days and set backs. Take some time to set down and really set yourself some goals. Start small and do not overwhelm yourself. You kicked that goals ass? Awesome, now move onto the next one.

Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador