A Colorful Weekend

Enjoy A Little Color | fridaylovesong.net

This past weekend was an extended one since the kids were out of school on Friday because it was Oaks Day. Yes, around these parts that’s a valid reason to be out of school – and if you’re not familiar with what Oaks Day is, it’s the day before the Kentucky Derby. I also realize

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The Best Birthday Gift: My Health

Some thoughts about turning 30something and my fitness journey along the way | fridaylovesong.net

I turned 33 the other day. That statement actually took a little more work in my brain than you can imagine. My Dad took me out to lunch last week and asked me, “You are turning 33 aren’t you?”. Then man totally had me second guessing the age I was indeed turning. By the magic

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A Weird Week of Readjusting

Skinny Girl Cucumber Vodka | fridaylovesong.net

It’s been a strange week around here for me. My family and I have been trying to readjust our schedules to le hubs new work schedule as well as trying to adjust ourselves to preteen emotions. I’m not entirely sure I will actually ever fully adjust to said preteen moodiness, I shudder at the thought

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Homemade Soft Chewy Salted Pretzels

ade Salted Pretzels Recipe | fridaylovsong.net  #pretzels #baking

When I make homemade pretzels it’s one of those times my kids think I able to weave some kind of mom magic. I’m not breaking it to them that once you go through the process once, it’s easier to repeat anytime after. I’ve been making up a batch every few weeks and they have been

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