Changes, Pink Fluff, and Im a Wink Captain

My Before and After: 130pd #weightloss transformation |

I have spent the last few days thinking about how things have changed in my life. 15 Years ago If you would’ve told me ago that I would be sitting in the floor making my daughter tutu’s, I would’ve called you insane. Seriously, I was never getting married. And kids? hahahahahaha. Forget it. Yet that’s where I

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Wink Frozen Desserts Review and Giveaway

Wink Frozen Desserts Review & Giveaway |

Update: The giveaway is now over and we have a winner! The winners name is now displayed on the widget below. Thanks for entering!!  Have you heard of the 100 Calorie Pint? I stumbled upon Wink Frozen Desserts online one day and became very excited at the thought of what these uber cute cartons of

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Overachievement And Motherhood

We can't do it all - A good reminder to all the moms and or overachievers out there.

I’m sitting down to write this post as I’m shoveling my lunch into my face – and it’s already well past lunchtime. I’m also realizing that I have a 3/4 cup full of coffee that went cold from earlier today left on my desk, and well, that’s just entirely wrong. I refer to that as

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Orange Cranberry Muffins

Easy Healthy Orange Cranberry Muffins with whole wheat and extra fiber | #muffins #healthy #fitfluential

One of my favorite things to bake are muffins. They can be a quick breakfast, snack, and can easily be made a little healthier by changing up some ingredients you’re baking with. These healthy orange cranberry muffins fit the bill on all of those! When I was contacted about working with Meijer stores in tandem with

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