Easy 4 Ingredient Protein Cream Frosting

How to make 4 ingredient protein cream frosting | fridaylovesong.net #protein #sugarfree

If I had to pick a few frequently asked questions about my foodstagrams, they would cover the following topics: My Spinch Omelettes and my “healthy cream frosting” Both of which I’ve been enjoying a lot of as of late. Because ya know, I’m very much #teambreakfast. Had the same thing on repeat recently just with

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EVOL Frozen Foods Review & Giveaway

EVOL frozen food review and giveaway - Available At Meijer's! | fridaylovesong.net

Generally when you ask my family if they want a burrito, the answer will always be YES – so it was kinda fun to have this chance to test out these great healthy frozen products from EVOL Frozen Foods available at Meijer’s. Our food philosophy is simple: Love what you eat. So, we make REAL

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My IT Band Is A Pain In My Knee, Literally

3 Things to Know About Your IT Band and how it may be causing your knee pain | fridaylovesong.net #fitness #health #injury

I’m feeling a little whiny this week. I really just want to workout but it’s not in the cards for me the last few days because I’ve been experiencing the dreaded ITB Syndrome. image credit: medicine.net 1. What is your IT Band? The IT band is a tendon that runs from your hip down to

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‘Band of Ballers’ Under Armours Iwo Jima Spoof

Under Armours Spoof Fail of Iwo Jima Flag Raising | fridaylovesong.net

My blog really isn’t a place where I often voice anything overtly political, but it is a place where I voice things that are both on my mind, and things that are of a personal nature. So when the existence of this Under Amour shirt entitled “Band of Ballers” popped up in my Facebook newsfeed

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