Fueling My Busy Mornings

Belvita Bites Breakfast On Tthe Go | fridaylovesong.net #MorningWin

I’m a fan of carbs in the morning, if you haven’t noticed by my constant parade of oatmeal instagrams throughout the week. There’s a reason I choose to ingest most of my carbs in the morning, because dangit I need fuel to get through my day. Alas the life of a busy fit mom isn’t

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Overnight Oats and French Toast

Overnight Peanut Butter Oatmeal | fridaylovesong.net

When Saturdays start with overnight oats in a leftover peanut butter jar, it’s kinda a big deal around here. I mean I tell le hubs often “Hey I know this peanut butter jar is seemingly empty, but don’t you dare throw it away”. Because this magic happens when I have an almost empty jar: This

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Why Do You Workout?

I exercise because somehow completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day | fridaylovesong.net #fitfluential #fitness #quote #fitspo #exercise

Why do you exercise? On the surface that may seem like a really strange question – but I really feel like it’s a valid one, and one we often don’t even think about asking ourselves. I think people automatically assume that others exercise to loose weight. A few years back I had a stranger inquire

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Losing My Super Mom Cool

Mom Win! Kids are alive today! | fridaylovesong.net #momstuf #mom

Looking at referrers to my blog always crack me up. I was actually fond of one of the top searches that lead people back to my little piece of the web this past month. SUPER MOM. I’m not actually sure what I’ve said recently that may define me as a super mom – but today

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