Getting Out Of My Own Head + A Energy Bits Giveaway

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The last few days I have spent working on a guest blog post. It’s one of those “share my journey” deals meant to provide people with inspiration. I’m honored and blown away anytime I get asked to write these kinds of posts – you know for websites other than my own. Honestly, I have a

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Goals? What Goals?


So keeping with the ‘friday confessions‘ thing – I’m going to admit to you here I have never had any very concrete goals in the way of my fitness and health. I never started or ended with a “goal weight”. Sure I think there was a point where I thought to myself after I’d lost

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Blueberry Protein Cream Sauce

Blueberry Cream

Either the lamest, or most genius What I Ate Wednesday post name ever. I’ve been so busy but I really wanted to do a WIAW post, so here’s a run down of some stuff I’ve been eating lately. I mean no biggie though right? We all know where just here to oggle each other’s food

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A quick Vlog + My Current Chocolate Protein Powder


Yep, a quick one today because I don’t have time to write out a post. Instead I give you a lovely video of me looking like a post workout hot mess. My Daddy never taught me apparently it’s frowned upon to post non flattering videos of yourself. Also this was provided to me by my peeps

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