Apple Cinnamon Protein Doughnut Holes

FLS GNC Apple Cinnamon Protein Doughnut Holes

I was unsure whether it was donut, or doughnut – I asked le hubs. He states it’s personal preference. Who knows, but honestly it doesn’t matter much. These are awesome sauce and made with the new limited edition GNC Total Lean™ Lean Shake™ 25 – Apple Cinnamon flavor I was teasing you about the other

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Today, A Sincere Thank You + A Quick Vlog

'regular' clothes definitely deserve a selfie around these parts.

Here’s my today. Let me bore you a little. Today it was chilly in the morning (although it warmed up) and it felt like it was appropriate to wear some boots. First boots of the season woot! Today I also did some shopping. Are you ready to see the bounty of my awesome shopping? Picked

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The Bad, The Good, The Recipe Teasing

This sweet minime is my official #gnc taste tester. She had her finger in my protein bag. Can't leave her be for a second! ☺ no really, recipe to hit #blog soon. All my kids are home from school today and they all raved over this one.

I have had the worst absolute day. It almost rivals this one I swear. But I won’t got into too many gory details. It’s too fresh in my memory. But I will say that today my children were off from school, and it’s become overly apparent to me that they need a major deprogramming. My

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PB Slim Review + Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Bars

Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Bars \

The other day I got this great little package for review from that contains something that may look a little familiar to you. Yes. I was excited. I am a bonafide nut butter addict baby! And that even includes the powder forms of it. So you’re thinking PB2 right? Correct! But this is called:

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