Apple Pie Protein Granola Bars & NeoCell Sport Giveaway

Apple Pie Protein Bars |

The nice folks at NeoCell Sport contacted me recently and asked if I wanted to try out their whey protein. When has this gal ever been known to turn down trying a new protein?! Hm, most likely never. The addition of collagen to a protein powder was pretty interesting to me. As far as I

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Road To Recovery & My Workouts Lately


I wanted to give you guys an update about what’s been going on with me fitness wise since my last rambly post. I’ll admit, there have been good and bad days. But I think I am making slow progress. Both in the physical boundaries as well as the emotional ones that I am fighting everyday.

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Is Summer Over Yet & Green Tea Pancakes V.2

Matcha Green Tea Pancakes V.2.0 |

I’ve been a little stir crazy as of late. We are well into summer and it’s at the point where most of my days are spent breaking up fights between my 3 kids. I can never get as much as I want done of course because my days are mostly cleaning, cooking, and ahem breaking

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First Look At Reebok VentureFlex Kids


My daughter (AKA my “mini me”) and I got to review these new Reebok Ventureflex shoes for kids! She was pretty excited. Can you say mini FitFluential Ambassador in training?! Reebok Says: Research shows that a natural walking experience is best for growing feet. The Reebok Ventureflex collection is built to support healthy foot development.

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