A Weird Week of Readjusting

Skinny Girl Cucumber Vodka | fridaylovesong.net

It’s been a strange week around here for me. My family and I have been trying to readjust our schedules to le hubs new work schedule as well as trying to adjust ourselves to preteen emotions. I’m not entirely sure I will actually ever fully adjust to said preteen moodiness, I shudder at the thought

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Homemade Soft Chewy Salted Pretzels

ade Salted Pretzels Recipe | fridaylovsong.net  #pretzels #baking

When I make homemade pretzels it’s one of those times my kids think I able to weave some kind of mom magic. I’m not breaking it to them that once you go through the process once, it’s easier to repeat anytime after. I’ve been making up a batch every few weeks and they have been

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A Polar Bright Spot And A Housewife Fail

Ham and Egg Cups with Kale and Cherry Tomatoes. Low carb bread with greek yogurt cream cheese. | fridaylovesong.net

Yesterday I had to take an impromptu rest day because my knee was killing me. It feels slightly better today so I did some very light cardio for a few mins and a little stint of yoga. Everything around my left knee is twisted so damn tight this week that it’s killing me. Although I’ll

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Digging Deep With a Workout Pep Talk

Those workouts when you have to pep talk yourself to keep going, those are the workouts that make all the difference. | fridaylovesong.net #fitfluential #fitness #fitness #dedication

Sometimes a workout comes out of left field and kicks your ass very unexpectedly. I had one of those moments last week when I had a workout date with the oh so lovely piece of eye candy known as Bob Harper.

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