The Most Awesome Post Ever


Get ready to have your mind blown. What I’m about to tell you is epic and will change you forever. Unless I’m lying – which I am. I’ve had some ideas rolling around in my head about things I wanted to talk about on the blog today none of which are coming to fruition. It’s

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Lemon Zucchini Bread With Sugar Free Glaze

Healthy Lemon Zucchini Loaf with Sugar Free Lemon Glaze | #myffmeal #sugarfree #baking

Summer means lemons. This summer also seems to be the summer of zucchini. My Dad has insane amounts of zucchini coming out of his garden this year, which is good for me, because I love zucchini. I also love zucchini bread, and anything baked with a hint of lemon in it. This quick bread is

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What I Learned This Weekend

Kids Workout to Bob Harper | #fitkids

I learned that my kids are awesome (ok well I already know they’re awesome.) I would insert that whole “Now I might be a little biased” crap here – but I have photographic proof of how awesome they are. Despite whether I pushed their big heads out or not. They decided to makeup their own

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A FitMoms Beauty Essentials & A Giveaway

Fit Mom Beauty Essentials featuring Batiste Dry Shampoo

You just finished your workout. You’re a hot mess, but you need to run to the store before the kids come home – or in my case with the kids because it’s still summer. These are my Fit Mom Beauty Essentials I can’t live without! They’re quick, they’re easy, tried and true great products. ย Batiste

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