Easy Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits & Milk Sandwiches

Easy Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits | fridaylovesong.net

There are times I find myself giggling at what an adult (and or old person) I’ve turned into. Giggling or crying – but I guess that also depends on what day you’re asking. The most current proof of this was earlier this week when we had our second sizable snow storm pass through. The night

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No Bake Birthday Cake Protein Bites

No Bake Confetti Cake Birthday Cake #protein balls. Save 25% off your www.cellucor.com order using code: FLS20 at checkout | fridaylovesong.net #cellucor #snack #healthy

Over the past few days my minime turned 8. Yep, it was 8 years ago now I pushed out this 10 lb. 2oz piece of sass – note: I was going to say little there, but there was nothing little about her. We have a sprinkles mandatory on your birthday rule in this house which

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Hump Day Realizations

Hump Day Funny | fridaylovesong.net

I’m still recovering. Not from a hardcore workout, but from natures whim in deciding that my children were going to have another winter break. Despite the fact that I’d just love my schedule to be automatically back on track – it’s far from my current reality. It’s hump day and I’m still trying to sort

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Moms Nerf Revenge

Nerf Rebelle: Mom's Revenage

Snow 6. Amanda 0. Not that my kids are caring, they were out of school for an entire week – and as I’m typing this my area is gearing up for another winter storm moving in with the possibility of more ice. Seriously it’s pretty for all of 5 mins, then I’m over it. Since

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