Lemon Chia Mugcake

Lemon Chia #protein Microwave Mug Cake | fridaylovesong.net

Are you sick of pumpkin spice yet? I’m not personally, but I thought I’d give the blog a bit of a breather from it by sharing this yummy Lemon Chia Mugcake recipe. Even if it is Thanksgiving, because I’m just a rebel like that. One thing about mug cakes recipes that really urk me (the

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What Fitness Is To Me

Fitness Is.... what is fitness to you? it will always be a lifelong journey for me #fitfluential #fitspo | fridaylovesong.net

Today has been eventful, yet uneventful all in one. That’s totally nonsensical, yet it’s pretty accurate of how I’m feeling tonight. Yesterday I was completely drained physically and emotionally. So come an early beadtime – I passed out in some weird position in my bed while watching Bravo and all the Bobby Pins still in

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I Love Breakfast

Egg White Breakfast Bake | fridaylovesong.net

I can easily eat breakfast for every meal of the day. Even if these particular eats weren’t ingested on the same day, I’m neither confirming or denying that breakfastallday has or has not happened. Some breakfasty oatmeal with “melted” blueberries and pecans. One of natures perfect oatmeal topping combos. And FYI, “melted” blueberries are simply

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Breaking Radio Silence

My Uncles: Donald, Wayne (whom we lost), and my Father.

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted and today I’m breaking the radio silence. Last Saturday I got an unexpected phone call. My family lost my Uncle last Saturday. My Step Mom and Father called to break the news to me as they were leaving the hospital. It’s not important how, or why. I

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