Reebok Spartan Race Giveaway + Discount Code

#spartanup A Spartan Race Entry Giveaway!! |

AROOOO! Hey race, mud, and fans of general awesomeness. I’ve got a great giveaway and coupon code for you today in anticipation of the upcoming Reebok Spartan Races. If you aren’t familiar with the Spartan Races, they’ve been around globally since 2005 and have been voted #1 obstacle race by Outside Magazine. They also offer

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Whipped Topping + Big Ass Shoes


The house was still quiet. The Lemon Chia Muffins were done, and my kids had yet roused themselves. But I was awake and on my second cup of coffee when I decided some whip on top would be nice. I got a laugh out of the whipped topping, because as I was reaching for it

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Healthified Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

healthified "skinny" oatmeal cookies |

Sometimes you need  a cookie. Specifically an oatmeal  raisin cookie.  My daughter was randomly asking to bake something with me the other day, so we decided to try to make a skinny version of this yummy treat. Since they are le hubs favorite cookie. I “healthified” these by cutting out some of the fat, a

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Getting Older + Anti-Aging Skin Care

TIna Fey

Getting older blows. Some of you may be reading that and thinking, “you’re a baby!” – whereas some of you may also being reading this and thinking, “totally, she’s an old hag”. Either way, I’m sticking by that original statement. And it’s really been showing in my skin lately. I’ve been getting radical hormonal acne

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