Living Delightfully Healthy With Sara Lee®


There’s just something Delightful about getting to work on a sponsored opportunity with a product that you are already familiar with, and that your family already enjoys in your everyday life. That’s certainly the case with a gal named Sara in this house – and by Sara, I mean Sara Lee®. Although it’s nearing the

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Honesty and Fitness Motivation

I'm a lot cooler on the internet

While my blog has become a place where I share recipes, and sometimes reviews on products – it continually remains a very personal place for me. Because that makes total sense eh? I guess what I mean is that I strive to be as honest about my journey of loosing half of myself – I

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Healthy Eating Creamy Carrot Sweet Potato Soup

Creamy Carrot and Sweet Potato Soup | #SimplyHealthy #CollectiveBias

It’s not always the easiest trying to adhere to healthy eating when the holidays roll around. Thanks to Sams Club and their Healthy Living Made Simple Magazine, it just got a little less complicated. The Healthy Living Made Simple App is essentially an e-mag filled with a little bit of everything ranging from: kids & baby,

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Lemon Chia Mugcake

Lemon Chia #protein Microwave Mug Cake |

Are you sick of pumpkin spice yet? I’m not personally, but I thought I’d give the blog a bit of a breather from it by sharing this yummy Lemon Chia Mugcake recipe. Even if it is Thanksgiving, because I’m just a rebel like that. One thing about mug cakes recipes that really urk me (the

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