Whole Wheat Applesauce Bread


The other morning I had the baking itch. It’s not uncommon here, I often get the baking itch. And when the itch calls, I scratch. While the baking itch comes often in this house, that usually means whipping up something out of nothing. Well, “nothing” in the sense of “let’s scramble around my kitchen, see

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The Kind Of Mother I’ll Never Be


I have never claimed to be perfect. I am far from it. So this Mother’s Day, I figured I’d celebrate my in a bass-akwards way of my own. That’s right, let’s talk about the The Kind of Mother I’ll never be. I will never be the kind of mother who: Doesn’t loose her temper occasionally

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The Best Part About Losing 130 Pounds

The best part about losing 130 pounds | fridaylovesong.net

Is that an obvious statement? I’m not so sure. My answer may not be one you expect. Yes, it’s nice to be “smaller”. It’s nice to be able to shop in the “regular” clothing area (not the ‘big girl’ area as I lovingly refer to it). It’s even nicer to be able to do things

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Confetti Cake Protein Pancakes

Confetti Cake Protein Pancakes | fridaylovesong.net

It happened again last week. That thing that rolls around where I turn a little older every year. And as I become older, it becomes apparent that I have to do the math each year. I can no longer keep up with my own age when I’m constantly trying to keep track of how old

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