Breaking Radio Silence

My Uncles: Donald, Wayne (whom we lost), and my Father.

It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted and today I’m breaking the radio silence. Last Saturday I got an unexpected phone call. My family lost my Uncle last Saturday. My Step Mom and Father called to break the news to me as they were leaving the hospital. It’s not important how, or why. I

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Working Out While You Are Sick

When and When NOT to exercise when you're sick | #fitness #health

My whole household has been battling a cold the last several days. If you have kids, you understand what I mean one person just cant be sick. You share space, you share germs. No matter how much hand washing or squirting of hand sanitizer seems to be going down. Although, because of my son’s severe

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Living Life Unapologetically

Living Life Unapologetically | #fitfluential #quote

Some days I feel I should make a formal apology to my blog readers. Something along the lines of: I’m so sorry I haven’t had many fitness posts lately. I even moreso feel like this at times when I’m scrolling back over my instagram feed and responding to comments, etc. A sudden “fear” sets in,

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My Favorite Squash and TuTus

Trader Joe's Squash Haul

Fall is my favorite time of year. Other than it being pretty much the perfect weather time for me – not too hot or cold, I love Halloween and fall-ish food of course (have you noticed my obsession with pumpkin spice everything yet??!) But it’s not just always about the pumpkin spice, one of my

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