A FitMoms Beauty Essentials & A Giveaway

Fit Mom Beauty Essentials featuring Batiste Dry Shampoo

You just finished your workout. You’re a hot mess, but you need to run to the store before the kids come home – or in my case with the kids because it’s still summer. These are my Fit Mom Beauty Essentials I can’t live without! They’re quick, they’re easy, tried and true great products.  Batiste

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Finding Fitness Accountability


After loosing 130 pounds, you can imagine that I get many questions from people whom are looking to change their lives and loose weight. That’s great! And I’m flattered that you think enough of me to bother asking for my input. While I can’t hold every single persons hand individually that reaches out to me

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Eats & Exercise For The Day

Overnight oats in a jar

Any morning that starts with an almost empty nut butter jar is a good one in my book. Even if it’s not a nut butter. This morning’s oats were enjoyed with the remnants of my delicious homemade sunflower seed butter, with the addition of bananas, almonds, and chocolate nonpareils. Because I don’t care what anyone

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How To Make Iced Tea With K Cups + Lemonade Stand Printables


 It’s summer, and nothing screams summer more than iced tea and lemonade. I put together a little lemonade stand party for my kiddos recently using some of the best K Cup flavors available at Wal-Mart. Being a work at home mom with 3 kids during summer vacation is trying to say the least. While we

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