Why Do You Workout?

I exercise because somehow completely exhausting myself is the most relaxing part of my day | fridaylovesong.net #fitfluential #fitness #quote #fitspo #exercise

Why do you exercise? On the surface that may seem like a really strange question – but I really feel like it’s a valid one, and one we often don’t even think about asking ourselves. I think people automatically assume that others exercise to loose weight. A few years back I had a stranger inquire

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Losing My Super Mom Cool

I AM a Super MOm, even if Im not a perfect one. | fridaylovesong.net #mom

Looking at referrers to my blog always crack me up. I was actually fond of one of the top searches that lead people back to my little piece of the web this past month. SUPER MOM. I’m not actually sure what I’ve said recently that may define me as a super mom – but today

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Are You Getting Enough Essential Vitamins?

Are you getting essential vitamins and nutrients? | fridaylovesong.net #health #wellness

A large part of general health and wellness is making sure we are getting proper minerals and vitamins not only through our diets, but also through supplements if need be. According to a Prevention and CentrumĀ® national survey, 48% percent of adults are concerned that they aren’t getting enough key nutrients needed in their diets.

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Mommy Jailbreak and Bad Books

Mommy Time

I realized late this week that I had scheduled too much work for myself, let myself take on projects that I truly didn’t have time for, and have generally felt bogged down all week long. I had to make a decision for my own sanity and stress levels to take a step back and reevaluate

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