Ska, Green Beer + To Do Lists

Since I had mentioned my friend passing away the other day – I’ve bee having a hard time getting caught up with the blog and life in general it seems. I’ve been having more than a few overly sad days. I certainly don’t need the need to “apologize” for them, but I do just want to let people know what’s going on behind the scenes so to speak. Not there’s really a behind the scenes here. I’m known to over share ;)

Reel Big Fish
Saturday night le hubs and I went to see Reel Big Fish and drank some green beer. Brought me back to some high school for sure. It was a grand time although I found myself at the UofL campus Mcdonalds wearing a UK sweatshirt and getting dirty looks from some college kids. Whatever kiddos, this gal had to pee like crazy. I was beginning to think that the old guy we encountered wearing the diaper almost had the right idea … Almost


Today I broke open this beautiful mess of sharpie highlighters to get some notes organized and thoughts sorted out. Nothing like a rainbow of goodness to help the organization and to-do list making easier and more colorful of course.

My husband often gives me a hard time about my list making and color coding shenanigans, but he certainly wasn’t making fun of my lists that included some recipes I had been testing out last week. I’ll be sharing those as I’m continuing to play catch up.

Digital Scrapbooking Easter Memories Value Pack

I did also manage to get caught up some Easter goodies I released in my digital scrapbooking store. I admit, I’m already sick and tired of seeing Easter Candy and I haven’t bought any yet.


Ok, well except these Carrot Cake M&Ms. Darn I love Carrot Cake. I’m not fond of these M&Ms though, not a white chocolate girl. But I never pass up the chance to try a new flavor and my 9 year old son doesn’t like chocolate, so it’s always nice to get him these seasonal flavors when they come around.

Gee. A kid that does’t like chocolate?! I guess someone should have him that when we found him once upon a time like this:



What’s your favorite Easter Candy?
Do You like M&M’s?
What’s the last concert you went to?

PS: Speaking of chocolate, don’t forget to head over and enter my Next Organics giveaway currently going on! And go linkup at Katie’s MIMM to let us know what went down over your weekend!

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