The importance of a moderate workout

I don’t know what’s up with me but the past few days I’ve felt really defeated about my workouts. Is it hormones? (Sorry boys), is it the weather changing? Is it stress? I have no idea. Yesterday I was forced to modify the intensity of the workout I’d normally do because I was so dang sore from a kettlebell workout the day before (ahhhh my thighs!) – and then today I had to keep it low impact because I felt a migraine coming on. I did a hour yoga workout with Mr. Bob Harper and ended feeling like “I should’ve done more.” I honestly have no idea why I felt like that because it’s not an easy workout! Then tonight I went out for a walk. I really would’ve liked it to be at least a walk/run – but the other evening I nearly had an asthma attack while jogging outside because of the cold air. After my walk I came home feeling bummed of course.

I have to remind myself a lot of times we tend to be our own worst critics. I am hard on myself, it’s not news to me. I often have to stop and remind myself of how far I’ve come in this fitness journey. I have to remind myself that I got here because I’ve been consistent. I have put in the hard work, dedication, sweat (and ocassionaly tears) over 2 years. I didn’t roll out of bed one day to find myself transformed. Life happens, things come up. Illnesses, sometimes we don’t feel that well – and I need to remind myself that today that I took the time to put in my workouts. End of story. Tomorrow I may do more if I’m feeling capable, or even the next day. I’m human and I can’t expect to not have ‘funky’ days. Some are good, some are bad. Do you ever have days like this?


Work hard and be consistent – and remember that sometimes those “easy” workouts are what your body needs. The image in this post is from my fitness pin board. Feel free to hop over and follow!

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