What I Hate About #TransformationTuesday

I pretty much have a love hate relationship with what’s known as the #TransformationTuesday post on social media. Yes, I post them. No I don’t post my weight loss transformation everydamntuesday like some do.

My own #transformationtuesday rant: why I think they are possibly lame.

Let me explain. For starters:

I myself get tired of seeing them.

No, really. I also don’t want my followers to feel like I’m constantly walking around tooting my own horn. I acknowledge I busted my ass and accomplished something awesome – but I also acknowledge the fact that they can be a bit repetitive. Like:

“Hey look at me, I used to be fat! Not so much anymore!

Which in short is what these images are portraying. But beyond that there is just so much more to me than just being a former “fat girl” and I feel constantly blaring it shades the other parts of who I am. Like that I’m a Mother to 3 kids, wife, artist, entrepreneur, pretty decent cook, etc.

I also dislike that it has the ability (like most media) to get twisted. To get turned around and show us these amazing cut and fit bodies that some of us (ok most of us), will never be like; no matter how great our own transformations. Which in turn makes us scratch our heads and think we simply haven’t transformed quite enough. That our own transformations aren’t quite as impressive as that could be fitness model that we follow on instagram.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of #TransformationTuesday - why I love and hate this hashtag | fridaylovesong.net #fitfluenitial #weightloss #healthy


Don’t get me wrong. I love the ability that this hashtag can bring people together:

  • It can connect people who feel like getting fit is never possible for them with real people who have done it.
  • It can inspire people to try to be better versions on themselves no matter how big or small their own transformations are.
  • It can also remind you (the person who matters most) just how far you’ve come in your journey when you look back.

It just so happens that it also has the ability to annoy the crap out of me when Tuesdays roll around. So if you’re new around here – Hi, I’m Amanda. I used to be fat, and now not so much. But if you stick around you’ll learn there’s more to this Life as a Busy Fit Mom than just a weekly hashtag.

What “transformation” of your own can you celebrate today?
Big or small, let’s hear them!

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